Affiliation widget guide

Search bar

This widget integrates our search box with your affiliate ID on your website.
All of our widgets are responsive, but we designed 3 different types of widgets to ensure that there is a good fit with any kind of container / design.


1. Full width

This style is a good fit when embedding full-width containers, such as headers or areas that don’t include a sidebar.

* Not recommended for use in a container that has a width less than 960 px.

2. Force mobile

This style is a good fit when embedded within narrow containers that are under 960 px in width. This usually works well in blog posts whose layouts include a sidebar.

2. Mini Sidebar

This widget is smaller in size, requiring less space, and includes only “From” and “To” fields. The mini sidebar is also great for using in sidebars.

this widget can be adjusted to any size that you want, and also can be placed on the sidebar.
the width of the widget is dynamic and fit automatically to any container size that you place it.

Price Comparison

This widget integrates the display of our selected products on a responsive carousel. Please note that this widget requires a relatively large amount of space.


1. Copy the HTML code

You will receive a link with a shared document that will include the script you need to embed, that already contains your affiliation ID. All you need to do from here is copy the code, like in the video below, and then paste it inside your HTML code.


2. Insert the code in wordpress post

If you are using the Gutenberg editor in WordPress, you can follow the video below:


If you are using the TinyMCE WordPress editor, then be sure to select the “Text” tab and insert the code there.