Best Beaches in Slovenia For Chasing an Endless Summer

Check out the best beaches in Slovenia for perfect summer holiday. Read about Piran, Koper, Izola, and several other towns along the Adriatic

Slovenia beaches

Beaches in Slovenia aren’t your typical powder-soft sand slices of paradise. However, the crystal clear water and the beach’s ambiance are absolutely perfect! Who needs sand when you want to spend all your time in the sea anyway? 

The Slovenian Riviera, a stretch of about 45.5 km (~28 miles) along the Adriatic coast, is the perfect location for any beach lover hoping to wade and relax in the salty azure water. This area of the country is home to charming coastal towns, picturesque pebble beaches, and several impressive resorts. 

Keep reading to learn about some of the best beaches in Slovenia!


the harbor and boats inPortoroz, Slovenia

Portorož is located right along the Adriatic and is home to a large swath of artificial sand. Because most beaches in Slovenia are rocky, this is the perfect place to base yourself if you prefer pristine sandy beaches.

Portorož Beach is probably the liveliest along the Slovenian Riviera. Known for its abundance of luxury resorts, shops, and restaurants, this is the place to go if you want a high-end holiday or like to be in the center of the action.


pier and beaches in Izola, Slovenia

In Izola, you’ll find Bele Skale beach (White Rocks). Perfect cerulean waters lap along the pebbled shore, and boats dot the horizon. This makes Bele Skale the epitome of an Instagramable beach.

It’s the most popular beach for people arriving by boat—it is one of the few places for them to anchor. Plus, people play music and host boat parties, giving the entire area a fun and lively vibe to enjoy.

Svetilink Beach is another great choice. There are restaurants and plenty of activities to keep you entertained. As an added bonus, there are lifeguards on duty here, so if you are a nervous swimmer, you’ll have added reassurance while you enjoy a dip. 

Svetilink is also less than half a mile from the city center, making it very convenient, especially if you don’t have a car.

Sansimon Beach is a great family option in Izola, with a lovely sandy beach. There are plenty of activities—think beach volleyball and waterslides. 

Podbelvedere is another good option if you are looking for a chill beach. It has a small concrete slab and a beach bar, perfect for someone looking to enjoy a day in the sun.


View through rocks into Koper Slovenia

Koper City Beach, also called Mokra Mokra, is tiny and often crowded. While it is nice, the crowds may distract from the relaxation that you’re after. Head here if you’d like a quick dip while exploring the city—which, by the way, is right near the Italian border, so it has an exciting mix of Slovenian and Italian culture and history.

Zusterna is mostly concrete, but a public pool and showers are available. Don’t let the concrete slab fool you, though. It’s the perfect place to lay out a towel and a fantastic jumping-off point to get into the cool cerulean waters. 

This beach is particularly ideal if you are visiting for a day or stopping by on your way to your next location. Where Zustrerna shines, though, is the snack bar across the street from the sea means you won’t have to pack a lunch or leave the beach early.

Another great beach is Mestna. It’s the epitome of a classic Mediterranean beach: pebble shores, cool crystal clear water, and the perfect place to watch a summer sunset.


Beaches in Piran Slovenia

Piran itself is a dreamy seaside town. There are a few good beaches to explore if you decide to base yourself here.

Piran Beach is the main beach in the city. It’s mostly concrete, with a few rocky, pebble beach areas and some cute bars and restaurants to enjoy.

Fiesa is a perfect option if you don’t want to fry under the intense Slovenian sun. There is plenty of shade along this rocky beach, as well as some great entry points into the Adriatic.

Also, Pacug is nice if you want something small and quaint. This little rocky beach is great for a day of splashing around in the sea.

Strujan Natural Park

Moon Bay Beach in Strujan Slovenia

Moon Bay is one of the most popular beaches amongst travelers and tourists alike. It is located in Strujan Natural Park and is equal parts pristine beauty and exceptional relaxation. This pebble beach, also known as Mesečez Zaliv, is a slice of paradise slightly removed from town, making it less crowded than others in the region. In fact, the beach itself is only accessible on foot!

Don’t let its remoteness fool you, though. It is no less stunning than its neighbors. Crystal clear water and an impressive cliff rising above the bay give Moon Bay quite the backdrop.

Where to go next

Trieste, Italy

After soaking up as much sun along Slovenia’s coastline, you’ll be ready for a new adventure. No matter which beach you’ve been spending your time in, you are in a great position to continue exploring all of what Europe offers.

If you haven’t had time to explore Slovenia, Lake Bled is another must-see. Located about 169 km (~105 miles) northwest of Piran and the Adriatic coast, the town of Bled is home to the charming fairy tale-esque castle in the middle of the lake. 

Ready to check another country off your list? 

It is also possible to head into Italy and continue to chase an endless summer. 

A bus from Koper to Trieste only takes an hour, so it can even be a day trip. You’ll be enjoying the harbor and amazing Italian food in no time.

If you are leaving from Piran, why not head to Venice? The Floating City is on the top of many a traveler’s bucket list and is easily reachable from Slovenia’s coast. 

You can travel from Piran to Venice by bus or ferry. The bus takes two hours and 45 minutes, but the ride is very scenic as it passes through the Italian countryside. A ferry is also a great option, and the boats very comfortable. Again, it will take about two hours and 45 minutes. 

No matter where you go next, you’ll leave the best beaches in Slovenia with many great memories and a plan to return.


When is the best time to go to the beach in Slovenia?

September is probably the best month to enjoy the beach. It is still warm, and you’ll have great weather, but the crowds won’t be as intense as they are in the height of summer. July and August are the warmest but most crowded times to visit. October is lovely if you don’t mind the temperatures dropping.

Can you go cliff jumping in Slovenia?

Yes! It is actually very popular. Some of the best spots are in the Soca Valley, though, and not along Slovenia’s coastline.

Can you use Uber in Slovenia?

No, Uber doesn’t operate in Slovenia. You will have to use public transport to get from beach to beach. However, the bus is reliable and reasonably cheap. It is also easy to rent a car and drive yourself.

Posted September 6, 2022
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