Dubrovnik by Night

When you hear Dubrovnik, people instantly think of the fascinating city walls and the charming old town located within them. More recently, the city has been gaining notoriety for the Game of Thrones tours that have allowed fans to place themselves inside the setting of the infamous TV show.

Dubrovnik isn’t known for late-night activities like Berlin, Barcelona, or Amsterdam. Even when you compare Split vs. Dubrovnik nightlife, Croatia’s second-largest city actually seems to have more going on after dark.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t great things going on in Dubrovnik at night, though. Whether you’re looking to take in Croatian culture, explore some of the city’s landmarks under different lighting, or party the night away, there is plenty to keep you busy after the sun goes down. Here are a few recommendations of what to do in Dubrovnik at night.

Croatian culture and history after sunset

The city walls of Old Town Dubrovnik are the most popular tourist attractions. But did you know it’s possible to take a tour along the wall at night? Meet your guide in the late afternoon and walk around the wall as the sun begins to set. They’ll fill you in on the city’s history and may even make some interesting Game of Thrones connections for you.

Night view of Old City in Dubrovnik

After you finish walking the walls, you’ll have the opportunity to stick around in the old city and enjoy a drink at one of the many bars or restaurants.

One of the best free things to do in Dubrovnik is a self-guided night walking tour through the old town. There are also free walking tours that go into the city at night. They may not include entrance to the city walls, but many tours include wine and light bites. What better way to learn about the history of a city than by sipping delicious wine and enjoying great snacks at the end of your walk?

If you’re in town for a few days, you can also check out the Ghost and Mystery walking tour. This tour provides a grim history of Dubrovnik’s past. Guides share macabre stories as you wind through some of the city’s most haunted areas.

Because Dubrovnik is set right on the water, there are several boat cruises to indulge in. A typical sunset boat tour will cruise around the city and provide you with excellent views of the old city.

For adventure lovers, it is also possible to do a sunset kayak tour. Many include snacks and wine, just like the walking tours. 

Enjoying Dubrovnik’s nightlife

Dubrovnik party scene at night

One of the city’s coolest day-into-evening hangouts has to be Buža Bar. The name literally means hole, and you can find this bar in a hole in the ancient city walls. It’s a great place to hang out, relax with a cocktail, and watch the sun go down. You can even jump off the rocks and swim in the crystal clear Adriatic here.

Buža Bar used to be very well hidden, but the secret is out. It’s so popular that there is now a Buža II with a similar vibe. If you choose to come here, these bars are cash only, so have your Kuna ready!

If you want to go dancing, Revelin Culture Club is the place to go. This is one of the coolest clubs in Europe and is definitely one of the best clubs in Dubrovnik. Revelin was built in a 16th-century fortress. The building itself is dark, with high ceilings and lots of alcoves, making it the perfect place for the intricate light shows they put on each night. 

Cave Bar More is another bar with an interesting ambiance if you want a great sunset view. It’s located in Hotel More, just a few kilometers from the Old City. The area facing the water is perfect for swimming between cocktails and watching the sun go down. Inside the cave, there is seating with cozy chairs and fairy lights. 

Ice Bar Dubrovnik is a quirky experience if you haven’t had the chance to enjoy a drink in a subzero room before. Similar to its counterparts in London, Shanghai, and Paris, this is a great place to stop for a drink and snap a few pictures before heading to another cool spot. 

Outside of the city walls, head to Skybar to take in a bird’s eye view of the city.

Pub Crawls

Traveling alone or looking to party with a group? Then, why not try a pub crawl? Colombo offers a highly rated pub crawl through several bars and pubs in the Old City. 

Beer Tours Dubrovnik is another great option if you like craft beer. The beers are delicious, and they promise a great time to be had by all.

How to get to Dubrovnik

Dinner table at sunset looking at Dubrovnik, Croatia

Ready to plan your night out in Dubrovnik? Here are a few ways to get to this charming city on the Adriatic coast.

From Split to Dubrovnik

The Split to Dubrovnik bus is the best way to travel. It is the fastest and cheapest option, taking about four and a half hours and starting at $13 per person. 

From Korčula to Dubrovnik

The best way to make this journey is by ferry. The Korčula to Dubrovnik ferry leaves from Korčula Town and takes about two hours.

The ferry only runs during the high season (mid-June to mid-September). After this time, it will be very difficult to get on and off the island.

Because of these limitations, and since you are probably coming to experience some of the nightlife, a Korčula to Dubrovnik day trip isn’t recommended.

From Hvar to Dubrovnik

If you are wondering how to get from Hvar to Dubrovnik by ferry, there are two options. Krilo ferries take about three hours and typically have departures in the morning. 

The Jadrolinija ferry ride takes about three and a half hours, and they leave the island in the early evening. 

Unless you want to devote over six hours of traveling, a day trip from Hvar to Dubrovnik isn’t feasible.

From Cavtat to Dubrovnik

Cavtat is the southernmost city in all of Croatia. Many travelers choose to add this to their trip before heading to Dubrovnik as it’s relatively easy to travel between the two places.

The Cavtat to Dubrovnik distance is a mere 15 km (~9 miles).  

Traveling from Cavtat to Dubrovnik by bus costs $3 and takes 30 minutes. Catch the Line 10 bus in Cavtat, and it will drop you directly at Dubrovnik’s port.

It is also possible to travel from Cavtat to Dubrovnik by boat. The trip costs about $14 and will take about one hour. Adriana Boat Tours operates the route regularly from April 1- November 1.

From Pomena, Mljet Island to Dubrovnik

If you are traveling from Pomena and want to take the Mljet to Dubrovnik ferry, it costs about $16 each way and takes around an hour and 20 minutes.

The ferry runs once per day during peak season and does not operate during the low season.

As you can see, there is plenty to keep you busy after dark in Dubrovnik. The most important thing to remember is to have fun! 


How late do the bars stay open in Dubrovnik?

Most close around midnight.

Do the bars accept credit cards?

Some do, but most are cash only.

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