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Are you at a loss for how to travel from Split to Hvar? We break down your options and share tips for making the most of your ferry ride.

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Although there are many islands that you can visit near Split, taking a trip to Hvar is one of the most sought-after. Picture lavender fields weaving between stone houses, secluded beaches that beckon relaxation, and a hilltop fortress offering among the best views over the Adriatic Sea.

If you’re wondering how to travel from Split to Hvar, here’s some good news—it’s easy. So, whether you want to take a day trip or make Hvar your base, I’ll walk you through the must-know details about getting to Hvar from Split.

Travel options from Split to Hvar

When looking at how to get from Split to Hvar, the first thing you need to know is that taking a ferry is the only way to travel to this island; Hvar doesn’t have an airport, and it isn’t connected to mainland Croatia by a bridge.

There are a few companies that run ferries from Split to Hvar, and I took the high-speed ferry with Krilo (Kapetan Luka). The ferries from Split to Hvar primarily run daily from April 1st to December 31st, and how often they depart depends on the season. 

Getting to Hvar from downtown Split

Traveling from downtown Split to Hvar is a breeze since the port sits in the heart of Split’s tourist center. In fact, if you arrive at the port early, you can enjoy a stroll down Split’s Riva promenade.

Although you can purchase your ferry ticket on the spot when you arrive at the port in Split, I recommend buying it in advance—spaces fill during peak hours when it’s the high season, and the low season has limited departures.  

Getting to Hvar from the Split airport

Since Hvar doesn’t have an airport, flying into Split is your best option. If you don’t plan on spending time in Split, you have a couple of options for getting from the Split airport to Hvar. They include:

Taking an approximately 30-minute taxi or bus ride to the Split port and connecting with a ferry to Hvar.

Hopping on a 20-minute catamaran that runs from the airport to Split’s port.

Pro tip: This service only runs during the summer. 

Managing your time

As you work on planning your Croatia itinerary, you’re likely wondering—how long is the ferry from Split to Hvar? Hvar is only 23 miles from Split, and the ferry time is just under an hour.

If you’re like me, by the time you finish taking photos of the beautiful Adriatic coastline and surrounding islands, it’ll already be time to disembark!

Ferry amenities

The Krilo is a catamaran-style ferry that has two indoor air-conditioned floors. The windows are large and tinted, offering excellent views from your seat. Some of the seats face each other with a table in the center, so you can more comfortably munch on any snacks or coffee you may have purchased from the onboard café. 

Alternatively, you can head to the open-air deck to enjoy even better views of the Adriatic Sea. The views on both sides of the ferry are stunning along the way. However, if the weather is nice, I recommend picking a spot on the outdoor deck so you can enjoy panoramic vistas of Split and Hvar.

Should Mother Nature call during the approximately 1-hour journey, there’s a restroom on board. Just be prepared to brace yourself if it’s windy—the waves can get choppy. While we’re on the subject of a bumpy ride, if you’re prone to seasickness, you might want to take some motion sickness medicine.

Ferry prices

Split to Hvar ferry prices vary depending on the season and popularity of departure times. You can expect to pay around $11 for a one-way ticket during off-hours and up to about $21 for peak times. Feel free to purchase your round-trip ticket on the spot or in one-way increments—the price is the same in both cases.

You can also book a private speedboat ferry. The prices start at around $400 for a one-way ride, including pickup at the Split airport.

When the weather gets in the way

A hiccup-free trip is every traveler’s dream. But should bad weather force your ferry to cancel, you’ll have two options—you can either take the next ferry heading to Hvar after the storm passes or receive a full refund.

Regardless of the weather, people who like to adjust their plans as they travel will be happy to know that Krilo allows you to cancel or change your ticket for free up to 24 hours before departure.

Is taking a day trip from Split to Hvar feasible?

Between the Split to Hvar distance being so small and frequent ferry departures—especially during the summer—you can easily take a day trip. To give you an idea of ferry times, below is Krilo’s departure schedule during the summer.

Ferry from Split to Hvar

Departure time Arrival time

Ferry from Hvar to Split

Departure time Arrival time

Another reason that choosing Hvar makes for such a great Split day trip is that Split’s port is a short walk from the bus and train station. Therefore, you can easily visit Hvar in one day before embarking on a late afternoon or evening transfer to your next destination.

Are you ready to explore the island of lavender?

Get ready to see purple when you arrive in Hvar—even if lavender isn’t in season when you visit, there are countless tourist shops selling lavender-scented everything.

Luckily, your ferry ticket includes one 20 kg bag of luggage per passenger. You just might need that ample weight allowance to bring home all of your new souvenirs!   

Posted July 22, 2021
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