Nightlife in Panama City, Panama—The Ultimate Guide

Panama City boasts numerous attractions. Think offbeat communities, galleries showcasing local art, museums revealing the country’s storied past, and world-class golf courses. However, once the sun sets over the Pacific, the exuberant nightlife in Panama City, Panama, sets the scene for night owls.

City lights in Panama City

Best Areas for Panama City Nightlife

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Panama City nightlife starts gently at the Amador Causeway, where couples enjoy sundowners and candlelight dinners. You can find a string of Panamanian restaurants here offering ocean views across the water to Panama City.

With its trendy clubs and casual brewpubs, El Cangrejo is an excellent place to go once it’s time to get serious. Complete with international eateries, relaxed cafes and shopping malls selling mainstream fashion, it’s a trendy, multicultural neighborhood with a bohemian vibe.

Many venues are clustered along Via Argentina, including lively casinos. Also, check out Calle Uruguay for late-night revelry. But be warned, the establishments here are heavier on your pocket. So bring more cash and spruce yourself up to fully enjoy El Cangrejo Panama nightlife. 

Let’s not forget Casco Viejo, Panama City’s old quarter, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Formerly a run-down neighborhood, Casco Viejo’s been rebuilt while remaining true to its original grid pattern layout. Aside from brick-paved alleys with colonial buildings and crumbling pastels, tropical vibes await you. Picture rum bars with rattan ceiling fans and vintage salsa records and some of the city’s most popular bars and clubs.

Check Out the Best Bars in Panama City, Panama

Nightlife in Panama City, Panama

Gatto Blanco Rooftop Bar

It’s easy to make friends here. Offering unbroken views of Panama City’s skyline, this bar on top of the party hotel Gatto Blanco is one of Casco Viejo’s most intimate. Take a seat on cushioned benches, sip cocktails, and chat with fellow travelers to the best electronic music in town. Both national and international DJs demonstrate their skills at this rooftop bar, taking Casco Viejo Panama nightlife up a notch.

Pedro Mandinga Rum Bar

Off the main drag of the funky Via Argentina, Pedro Mandinga Rum Bar has a cool Cuban vibe. Chesterfield-style couches and wood furnishings make it feel homey, and you can mingle with Cubanos as music from the Pearl of the Antilles is played. 

The drinks are made with fresh ingredients giving you that extra tropical feel.  

La Rana Dorada

Love beer? A great place to dive into nightlife in Panama City, Panama, is La Rana Dorada, or Golden Frog in El Cangrejo. Across from La Cabeza de Einstein, the massive sculpted Einstein head, La Rana Dorada is a relaxed local brewery with tasty artisan beers. And if your stomach rumbles after some bitter pale ale, order an awesome Rana pizza and champ like a horse. 

These are some other great bars in Panama City:

  • Biergarten, an open-air bar in the Obarrio neighborhood
  • CasaCasco, a rooftop bar in Casco Viejo with five floors, including a restaurant and club

Party the Night Away in the Clubs in Panama City, Panama

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Join these clubs in Panama City, Panama, and you’re practically guaranteed to have a blast:

Chupitos 507, Casco Antiguo

Do you love a stiff drink? Hiding in Panama’s Casco Antiguo area, Chupitos 507 has made a name for itself as a club with strong alcoholic beverages. Order the Arizona or La Putita, or just ask for “The strongest drink you have,” and the bartenders will concoct a drink you’ll remember (maybe). 

Either way, this one-of-a-kind party place has attentive personnel and the rhythmic Reggaeton beats that whisk you from your bar seat. The graffiti decor is just as unique as a bar with 200 different shots.

LOST Urban Beach Club

Set in the heart of the JW Marriott hotel, LOST boasts a cosmopolitan vibe in the heart of the city. LOST offers Panama Bay views to die for, featuring white, futuristically shaped lounge chairs accentuating the laid-back atmosphere. 

You can devour fresh tapas and sip cocktails, lapping up the salty breeze to music that fits the setting. 

La Tana Panama

Luring with free shots for ladies from 10 to 11 pm on Fridays, plus a cool mix of electronic, reggaeton, and current top 40 music, La Tana is the spot to hit. You can mingle with locals who flock here for the upbeat club experience. In addition, La Tana throws regular theme parties that attract all sorts of freaks, from devils and monsters to queens and angels. In short, this is the place to go for a wild night.

Panama City, Panama nightlife is for die-hard partygoers who will also love these quirky clubs:

  • La Buat, a breezy nightclub in Casco Viejo
  • Casa Jaguar, a gastropub with a DJ—it’s well-liked by the young crowd and often packed

The list goes on.

Other Places to Soak Up Nightlife in Panama City, Panama

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Due to the strong influence of jazz and Latin American sounds, an explosion of local talent enlivens the Panamanian music industry. And the best way to enjoy this scene is through these excellent live music spots:

  • Lynchburg Gastropub, San Francisco area, Panama City
  • El Sotano, an events venue in the Bella Vista district
  • Teatro Amador, events and concert venue in Casco Viejo

Whether you love rooftop lounges or salsa bars, Panama City’s nightlife has you covered. Ready for a night on the town? Okay. Jump into the roaring party scene and watch the sun peeping sheepishly through skyscrapers come morning.

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Is Panama City safe?

Like in all the world’s metropolises, there’s crime in Panama City, too. Use licensed taxis. Keep your eyes peeled around the medieval ruins of Panama La Vieja, particularly at night, and use common sense wherever you go.

Do Panamanians like to party?

Oh yes! Panamanians love to party. Scarcely a week goes by without a fiesta.

Can I pay with US dollars in Panama City?

The country’s official currency is the Panamanian balboa, but the bills people use are in USD. While you can find prices listed in balboa and dollars, the two currencies have the same value.

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