The geeky globe: 8 reasons why geeky travelers are the best

When we think of the best possible companion to join us on our trip, many different characteristics come to mind. Maybe your potential companion is geeky!

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey

When we think of the best possible companion to join us on our trip, many different characteristics come to mind. We may want to travel with someone who is easy to get along with, funny, resilient, and flexible. But have you stopped to ask yourself if your potential companion is geeky? There are a few great reasons to do so, and we’ve taken the time to detail eight of them in this article. Here we go! 

Reason #1: They’re problem solvers 

Escape rooms, crossword puzzles, riddles, and cryptic codes – geeks love solving things just for the heck of it. When traveling with a geek, expect to meet every challenge with a smile, knowing you are more than capable of answering every question and coming up with a perfect solution just in time. 

This has a lot to do with their high level of intelligence, but also with comfortable access to innovative technology solutions that offer creative answers to well-known travel problems. Need to reach a crazy new destination in a route that combines a ferry, a bus and a train? No problem! Your fellow geek will not only plan the trip but actually book the tickets in advance

Reason #2: Fun facts are fun 

Geeks are into a lot more than just technology and have in depth knowledge of many topics, including history, culture, art and celebrity gossip (Star Wars actors are celebrities!). This means that even as you arrive someplace new, you’ll have some background to help you get by. Many geeks also learn new languages quickly, which is an excellent tool for travelers looking to discover the hidden gems of a new location. When you travel the geeky way, every museum visit turns into a guided tour just for you, and every street corner shares its secrets.  

Reason #3: The geeky gaze 

If your travel buddy has embraced their geekiness, this means that they are not afraid to offer a fresh and different perspective of the world. Traveling with a geek is like viewing your travel experience through a special, magical lens (no glasses pun intended!), which adds another layer of fun to your adventure. If you both have that ability, expect never-ending conversations and strange but super entertaining analysis of pretty much anything you see. 

Reason #4: They’ve got the gadgets 

The best new mobile phone camera? Check! A satellite phone to call mom from the mountain top? Check! Cooking gear to prepare a meal in the middle of nowhere? Check, check, check! Geeks pack the most awesome high- and low-tech items you can think of, plus a few you’d never ever think of. These gadgets will make your trip easier, safer and way more fun.

Traveling in Thailand with an expensive camera

Not only are they interested in collecting these items, but let’s face it, nerds rule the world and are more likely to have the means to purchase them in the first place. One quick word of advice: make sure to treat their equipment with the utmost respect because they truly, deeply love their gadgets. 

Reason #5: You’ve been chosen 

We’ve already mentioned geeks’ uniquely awesome perspective, and this world view also means that they don’t necessarily connect with everyone. If you are lucky enough to travel with a geek, it means that you’ve passed the test and were found travel-worthy by them as well! It says a lot about your own qualities as a traveler and a friend, so pat yourself on the backpack and feel proud. 

Reason #6: They’re just good people 

If the previous point made it seem as though geeks are more likely to be snobby, that’s not at all what we’re going for! Many gifted humans have experienced some social difficulties in the past and are the last people on earth to make someone else feel rejected. Their high level of intelligence does not contradict a high level of empathy and kindness. In other words, they’re nice, which is always awesome. 

Reason #7: They’re open minded 

Looking to explore new territories, learn an ancient language, join a local club or dress up like pirates for the day? Your geeky friend will be the first to tag along or initiate this adventure in the first place. Forget the beaten path and get ready to travel the world differently. Many geeks are incredibly open minded, and so are travelers, so one can only imagine how flexible the mind of a traveling geek can be. This great trait is extremely valuable in a travel buddy, because it means that things don’t have to be done a certain way and everyone’s opinion is welcomed. 

Reason #8: They’re global 

Geeks are interested in very specific fields and join global communities of people who share the same interests and hobbies. This means that they have friends wherever they go, and you’re likely to meet a friendly local who would love to show you around. Sure, if you’re not part of their community, you may find yourself surrounded by private jokes about Tolkien or Star Wars you don’t really understand, but there’s nothing wrong with learning something new, right?

Group of travelers

If you consider yourself a geek, the above paragraphs probably made you blush. If not, consider converting, because the world is far more interesting when you invest time and resources in your hobbies, no matter what everyone else might think. Mark Zuckerberg, a famous geek in his own rights, once said that we should encourage girls to “be the nerd.” Today I advise you to travel with the nerd, because it will make your trip a million times better. Well, maybe not a million…I’ll do the geeky thing and crunch the numbers to find out the answer.

Posted December 15, 2019
Rotem Taitler
A history buff, lover of art, and coffee addict who is filled with perpetual curiosity about everything in the world and is especially passionate about storytelling, traveling and wine.