Valentine’s special: Tips for traveling with your partner

Imagine waking up alongside your significant other in one of the world’s best locations, starting your day with exciting adventures, savoring the local cuisine, going to sleep. Repeat. Sounds amazing, right? We’re here to tell you that it can be even better than you think. 

Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or a two-year trip across the world, being with one person at all times can put a lot of stress on your relationship. Well, this is exactly what we are here for!   

This Valentine’s day, we’ve gathered pro tips from four couples who know a thing or two about traveling the world together, and let us tell you, you’ll be surprised with some of the tips on this list. 

Don’t skimp on everything

We know budgets are always tight when you’re traveling, particularly if a longer stint. But it’s important that you give your ‘other half’ the chance to splash out on something that’s important to them. Whether that be a new dress or a new gadget, or even choosing a higher-end restaurant for a special occasion, it can add a special moment to an already memorable trip and ensure everyone feels cared for. – Lee & James, The Travel Scribes

Lee & James, The Travel Scribes

Wait at least six months before your first trip together

The beginning of every relationship is filled with love, mystery, and tons of butterflies. Wait a few moments before you take it to the next level. Some magical moments and those amazing butterflies are only felt at the beginning of a relationship, and you wouldn’t necessarily want to skip them by being together 24/7, seeing each other at each and every moment.

Going on an adventure with your significant other is definitely a relationship-building exercise in terms of intimacy, but it will also confront us with pressures and perhaps even travel anxiety (yikes!). Make sure you have a solid foundation for your relationship before you let the mystery disappear. – Dolev & Netanel, @nati_oziel

Dolev and Netanel, Nati Oziel

Avoid getting “hangry.”

Getting “hangry” is a very real thing, especially when you’re traveling as a couple. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term “hangry,” it means to get angry because you’re hungry. We can honestly say that after traveling as a couple for the last 4 years, most of our arguments have revolved around food; what to eat and when to eat it.

When you’re traveling solo, it’s easy to just eat when you please, but when you’re with your significant other, you need to be on the same level. We recommend making sure you match your eating schedules, so your eating times will be similar. 

However, being a couple does have its benefits. When you’re trying new foods, seize the opportunity to buy two different dishes and share them. That way you get to try two new foods as opposed to just the one. – Katie & Jake, Untold Wanderlust

Katie and Jake, Untold Wanderlust

Give each other some time out

Matt and I have been traveling full time for 9 months and we haven’t spent more than 5 hours apart since we left the UK last April! It’s important to try and take some time out for yourselves and do the things you’d usually do at home on your own. Even if you’re still in the same room together, make sure you still spend time watching your own thing on Netflix or even playing a game on your phone. – Chloe & Matt, I’m Just a Girl

Chloe and Matt, I'm Just a Girl

Keep your communication open and honest, share the load of planning and traveling, and try stepping out of your comfort zone every once in a while and hang out with other travelers, whether they are couples, solo travelers, families, or just a few friends who decided to embark on a journey together.

Traveling with your significant other can become the greatest adventure you’ll ever be on and can really become a positive turning point in your relationship as it has the potential to create an even deeper bond between you two. Trust us, traveling with your significant other can truly be a dream come true. 

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