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Stories by travelers, for travelers

How to make your bus journey more eco-friendly

By using our simple checklist, you can ensure that you optimise your decision to travel in the most environmentally sound way when traveling by bus.

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The importance of travel as a tool for self-development

Travel inspires, opens doors, forges connections, changes perspectives and encourages self-development. Grow into the best version of yourself by traveling.

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Does anxiety stop you from traveling? Here are 5 tips to help you cope

When anxiety meets travel, it can be tough to find yourself out of the “sink or swim” state of mind. The challenge is real, but it can be beat. Here`s how.

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Stations in Zenica  

Bulevar Kralja Tvrtka I 34logo
Bulevar Kralja Tvrtka I, 72000,Zenica ,BOSNIAlogo
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Internet cafes are relatively rare but almost all hotels and most cafes offer free wi-fi. Some towns have free wi-fi hotspots.

New Year's Day Bosnian Independence Day Good Friday (Eastern) Orthodox Easter Labour Day

20.00 KM

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Voltage: 230V Socket Type: F


1.80 KM