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Medellin to Bogota

52mfrom $31

Santa Marta to Bogota

1h 22mfrom $35

San Gil to Bogota

6h 50mfrom $21

Cartagena to Bogota

1h 13mfrom $31

Armenia to Bogota

54mfrom $21

Zipaquira to Bogota

1h 20mfrom $53

Neiva to Bogota

55mfrom $18

Barranquilla to Bogota

1h 28mfrom $32

Cali to Bogota

55mfrom $26

Sogamoso to Bogota

3h 30mfrom $14

Caldas to Bogota

10hfrom $437

Nemocon to Bogota

1h 30mfrom $87

Sopo to Bogota

1h 15mfrom $41

Planeta Rica to Bogota

18h 15mfrom $44

Cajica to Bogota

55mfrom $41

Doradal to Bogota

6hfrom $238

Fusagasuga to Bogota

2h 20mfrom $78

Buenos Aires to Bogota

6h 20mfrom $330

Maicao to Bogota

7h 45mfrom $53

Quibdo to Bogota

1h 12mfrom $143

Cerete to Bogota

15hfrom $56

Villeta to Bogota

2h 20mfrom $74

Puerto Asis to Bogota

16h 15mfrom $41

Tobia to Bogota

2h 30mfrom $103

Macheta to Bogota

1h 30mfrom $88

Monteria to Bogota

1h 14mfrom $40

Mesitas to Bogota

4h 15mfrom $69

Guasca to Bogota

1h 30mfrom $102
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Stations in Bogota  

Chapinero, Bogota, Bogota, Colombia
Quinta Paredes, Teusaquillo, Bogota, Colombia
Terminal De Transporte Salitre, Dg. 23 #69 - 11, Fontibon, Bogota, Cundinamarca, Colombia
Terminal del Sur Bogota, Bogota, Bogota, Colombia
Agencia Coomotor Terminal de transportes Salitre bogotá D.C., Dg. 23 #69-11, Bogotá, Colombia
Cra. 112d #40, Cl. 16h #112d-2 a, Fontibón, Bogotá, Colombia
Terminal de Transport Salitre, Peatonal Terminal, Bogotá, Colombia
Bogota, Colombia
Terminal de Transportes de Bogota, Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia
El Dorado Luis Carlos Galan Sarmiento International Airport, Ac. 26 #103-9, Bogotá, Colombia
Terminal De Transportes Bogota, Cl. 22b #6998 #69- a, Bogotá, Colombia
Terminal De Transportes Del Sur, Bosa, Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia
a 175-90, Autopista Nte. #175-80, Bogotá, Colombia
Rapido Ochoa, Cl. 21 ##69b-88, Bogotá, Colombia
Bogota Airport
Terminal de Transporte del Norte, Bogota ‎-La Caro, Bogota, Colombia
Estación Normandía-AC 26 - KR 74, Bogotá, Colombia
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Your questions, Our answers

Electricity and socket type

Voltage: 110V, Socket Type: A and B.

Internet accessibility

Access to a good 4G connection, and even if they've run out of data, the Internet is still accessible using free wifi hotspots in shopping malls, restaurants and public institutions such as libraries.

Are credit cards accepted across the country?


Mentionable public holidays

New Year's Day | Epiphany | Saint Joseph's Day | Maundy Thursday | Good Friday | Labour Day | Ascension Day | Corpus Christi | Feast of Saints Peter and Paul | Feast of the Sacred Heart | Independence Day | Battle of Boyacá Day | Feast of Assumption | Columbus Day | All Saints' Day | Cartagena Independence Day | Feast of the Immaculate Conception | Christmas Day

How much does a local transport ticket cost?

2,400.00 Col$

How much does a dinner at a nice restaurant cost?

35,000.00 Col$

Do I need any vaccinations before I visit colombia?


Who needs a Visa to enter Colombia?