A captivating backdrop of central Plitvice Lakes

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Stories by travelers, for travelers

The environmental impact of taking a train vs. flying

The world is too big and beautiful for us to stop traveling and exploring everything it has to offer, so discover how to become a more sustainable traveler.

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Stations in Plitvice Lakes  

Plitvice Lakes, Croatialogo
VJJF+FQJ Plitvička Jezera, Croatialogo
WJ46+6M Rastovača, Plitvička jezera, Croatialogo
WJ46+2V Rastovača, Plitvička jezera, Croatialogo
WJ36+XFP Rastovaca, Plitvicka jezera, Croatialogo
VJMF+5F7 Plitvicka Jezera, Croatialogo
D1 23 Autobusna stanica 53231 Plitvice Lakes (Plitvička Jezera) Croatialogo
Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatialogo
station location

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