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How to get from
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About the ride from Mykonos to Athens

A visit to Mykonos is something you’ll likely remember for a long time. This upscale getaway has everything from 5-star eateries and breathtaking beaches to romantic sunsets and parties until daybreak. When it’s time to leave the cosmopolitan capital of Greece, most people go to the actual capital of the country. If you’re heading back or going there for the first time, here are a few things to know about going from Mykonos to Athens.

They call Athens “the cradle of Western civilization”. A high claim, but one you’ll no doubt believe as soon as you set foot in the city. From its legendary temples, to the ancient theaters and necropoli, this place is as much an outdoor museum as it is a city.

Athens lies in the planes of Attica, near the southeastern tip of continental Greece. It’s located just under 95 miles from Mykonos by air, which makes it fairly easy to reach on a day trip.

You’ll have a couple of options to get from Mykonos to Athens. One, you can hop on a ferry. Or two, you can get a direct flight. 

A ferry ride from Mykonos to Athens takes around 2.5 hours. There are several operators to choose from, with arguably the most established one being run by SeaJets. The ferry leaves for the capital at 2:15 pm every day. That leaves you plenty of time to pack and have one last dip in the Aegian sea!

For high rollers and people who are worried about getting seasick, catching a plane to Athens is ideal. There's a wide range of flight operators to choose from, with as many as 15 departures every day!

The flight takes around 35 minutes, which sounds like a real time saver. However, with airport transfers and security checks, you’re looking at a trip time that’s pretty comparable to that of a ferry ride.


What to see when traveling from Mykonos to Athens

What you’ll be able to see going from Mykonos to Athens will largely depend on how you’re making your trip. Going by plane will undoubtedly rob you of some of the incredible vistas you’ll get to enjoy on a ferry ride. On the other hand, a commanding bird’s eye view of the Cyclades is hard to beat.

Catching a plane to Athens will have you going to the Mykonos International Airport. A stone’s throw from Mykonos Town, the airport is just a five minute cab ride away. Upon landing however, you’ll see a different story. Athens International Airport lies over 20 miles away from the Acropolis. The half-hour drive will take you through the green plains of Attica. You can take a nap, or sit back and enjoy the ride!

Obviously, going to Athens by ferry is a different experience altogether. You get to sum up your visit as you wave the beautiful island goodbye. 

They say that a visit to Mykonos can leave your senses almost overloaded with beauty. That’s too bad because a cruise through the Cyclades means there’s more where that came from!

Just as you leave Mykonos, the sacred island of Delos will come into view. This place is a special historical site for Greeks. For a country as immersed in history, that’s saying a lot. With just 20 inhabitants, this quaint place couldn’t be more different than the island you just left behind. 

But 3000 years ago, this place would be described as nothing short of “buzzing”. According to myth, Delos is the birthplace of the Greek god Apollo. Snap a few photos and say hello!


Getting from Mykonos to Athens

Going by ferry

The High Speed SeaJets vessel going to Mykonos is a little different than your average ferry. Known as the Worldchampion Jet, the ferry is known for always taking one extra passenger – a Minardi Formula 1 race car driven by Jos Verstappen in 2003-2004. There’s something to keep kids occupied!

The ferry leaves at 2:15 pm from the Old Port of Mykonos, and it takes around 2.5 hours to reach Athens. You’ll be making your landing at the Port of Piraeus, which is located around 8 miles from the city center.

The ferry is equipped with A/C and toilets, with different seating options at your disposal. The standard US$75.97 option provides every passenger with a seat located in one of the spacious indoor cabins.

You can upgrade to the Club class for an extra $25 and enjoy the ride in larger seats in a separate cabin. For those who are all about comfort, there’s the option to upgrade to the top of the range Premium class. 

The US$117.97 option will allow you to spend your journey in comfortable and spacious seating with individual tables. The quiet cabin has electrical outlets in case you need to charge any of your devices.

One thing to note about the ferry ride is that cancellation and changes are not possible after your ticket has been issued. If you’re worried about having to cancel, you can purchase a $7.60 cancellation insurance and get a full refund if you cancel up to 24 hours before the trip. The SeaJets ferry from Mykonos to Athens runs from June 16 to October 31.


Going by plane

Hopping on a plane from Mykonos to Athens is pretty straightforward. With as many as 15 flights to choose from every day, you’ll have plenty of flexibility. There are several airlines running regular flights, each with different options and ticket classes. Prices range between $77 and $459.

If you’re planning on going to Athens by plane, make sure you reserve your ticket in time. Compared to ferry tickets, plane tickets sell out much faster!

Travel Schedule Options from Mykonos to Athens

Mykonos to Athens Trip Overview

Distance136 km (85.0 miles)
Price range$50-$85
Ride Duration Range4h 40m-5h 45m
Earliest Departure12:15
Latest Departure12:15

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Taking a ferry from Mykonos to Athens

Fastest ferry: 4h 40m

Cheapest ferry: $66

The fastest: 4h 40m

The cheapest: $66

The available amenities for this trip are currently unavailable. For specific questions, please contact our customer service, available 24/7.




A beautiful view from within central Athens

About the ride from Mykonos to Athens

Mykonos to Athens Route Information

The distance between Mykonos and Athens is 85 miles, or approximately 136 kilometers.

There are 2 ways to get from Mykonos to Athens, including flight,ferry.

The earliest departure leaves at 12:15 and has a duration of 5 hours 45 minutes.

The fastest way to travel is by ferry, which takes approximately 4 hours 40 minutes.

Depending on how you choose to travel, the following amenities are available: .

Mykonos to Athens by flight

    The only travel class available is Economy.

    Each flight ticket offers an individual seat with basic passenger necessities. Conditions and amenities vary by provider. For more detailed information and availability see all options.

    Mykonos to Athens by ferry

    • Starting Price: $66.27
    • 27 departures a day, or 189 departures a week

    There are 14 travel classes for this journey, including: High Speed, Reserved Seat Platinum, Reserved Seat Club, Reserved Seat, Deck Space, Reserved Seat Lounge, Reserved Seat Business, Reserved Seat Lounge 4, Business Air Seat Lounge 1, Reserved Seat Lounge 2, Business Air Seat Lounge 2, Reserved Seat Lounge 3, Reserved Seat Lounge 5 and Deck Special Economy.

    Each ferry ticket offers an individual seat with basic passenger necessities. Conditions and amenities vary by provider. For more detailed information and availability see all options.

    Companies Operating from Mykonos to Athens

    Average time

    4h 40m - 5h 45m

    Average price

    $50 - $66

    Popular stations and stops in Mykonos and Athens

    Departure stations in Mykonos

    Mykonos Island National (JMK)

    Arrival stations in Athens

    Athens International (ATH)

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