A beautiful view from within central Symi (Simi)-mobile

How to get from
Piraeus to Symi (Simi)

Piraeus to Symi (Simi) Trip Overview

Distance400 km (250.0 miles)

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Travel Schedule Options from Piraeus to Symi (Simi)

A beautiful view from within central Symi (Simi)

About the ride from Piraeus to Symi (Simi)

Piraeus to Symi (Simi) Route Information

The distance between Piraeus and Symi (Simi) is 250 miles, or approximately 400 kilometers.

The only way to get from Piraeus to Symi (Simi) is by Ferry

Piraeus to Symi (Simi) by ferry

    There are 6 travel classes for this journey, including: High Speed, Reserved Seat Lounge 2, Reserved Seat Lounge 3, Deck Space, Deck Special Economy and Reserved Seat Lounge.

    Each ferry ticket offers an individual seat with basic passenger necessities. Conditions and amenities vary by provider. For more detailed information and availability see all options.

    Popular stations and stops in Piraeus and Symi (Simi)

    Departure stations in Piraeus

    Piraeus Port

    Arrival stations in Symi (Simi)

    Symi (Simi)

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