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Stations in Thessaloniki  

Giannitson 244
Θεσσαλονίκη 546 29
Monastiriou 63
Thessaloniki, Greece
Thessaloniki Airport, EO Aerodromiou Thessalonikis, Thessaloniki 551 03, Greece
Monastiriou 28, Thessaloniki 546 27, Greece
Sapfous 37-35, Thessaloniki 546 27, Greece
Monastiriou 28
Monastiriou Bus Stop
Thessaloniki KTEL
Monastiriou 28
Giannitson 244, 54628 Thessaloniki, Greece
JWPM+55 Thessaloniki, Greece

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Electricity and socket type

Voltage: 230V, Socket Type: C and F

Internet accessibility

3G and 4G+ mobile broadband (HSPA) and a more expensive Satellite Internet access.

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Mentionable public holidays

New Year's Day | Epiphany | Clean Monday | Greek Independence Day | Good Friday (Eastern) | Holy and Great Friday | Orthodox Easter | Orthodox Easter Monday | Labour Day | Pentecost (Eastern) | Eastern Orthodox Whit Monday | Dormition of the Mother of God | Ohi Day | Christmas Day | 2nd Day of Christmas

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Do I need any vaccinations before I visit greece?


Who needs a Visa to enter Greece?

Afghanistan | Bangladesh | Democratic Republic of the Congo | Eritrea | Ethiopia | Ghana | Iran | Iraq | Nigeria | Pakistan | Somalia | Sri Lanka