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Yangon at a glance

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Dec - Feb
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The Secretariat
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Although most of Myanmar may seep with it’s relics, such a city has both a diverse population and hundreds of sights to see. Come to Yangon to get tangled between the crowds in booming festivals, or at the golden pagodas that decorate the city center. During your explorations in Yangon, Myanmar’s rich and complex culture will be thrown at you with force. Don’t be afraid at the grandeousness of Yangon; the Inya lake is an oasis in Yangon where monkeys and pangolins will run by you as you kick back and sip on a local Myanmar beer.

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Super comfortable night bus
Super comfortable night bus

About the ride from Mandalay to Yangon

Two of Myanmar’s biggest cities, the journey from Mandalay to Yangon is a long one, but it’s a very popular route for many different types of travelers.

For the 627km (390 mile) journey to Yangon from Mandalay, you have three options:


  • Bus from Mandalay to Yangon - typically around 9.5 hours
  • Car from Mandalay to Yangon - typically around 9 hours
  • Minivan from Mandalay to Yangon - typically around 9 hours

After the relative serene greenery of Mandalay and its countless towering temples, you might be ready to leave Myanmar’s culture capital. 

Yangon offers a completely different experience, and is an excellent choice for your next stop. Busy, bustling and packed with opportunities for people-watching, Yangon is one of Southeast Asia’s most engaging and interesting cities.



What to see when traveling from Mandalay to Yangon

This depends upon when you take your trip. If you choose an overnight sleeper bus from Mandalay to Yangon, you of course won’t see much, as you’ll hopefully be slumbering soundly as you make your way to your next exciting destination.

If you travel during the day, there aren’t too many exciting sights, but you will enjoy your journey. The vast majority of the trip is on flat, well-built (though basic) roads. For the most part, you’ll be traveling along one of the best-quality roads in Myanmar, flanked by roadside food stops, other vehicles and lots of verdant greenery.

As you approach Yangon, there’s a noticeable difference in how busy the roads become. Roadside shrubbery makes way to small settlements, which in turn make way to the relative modernity of Yangon.



What is the fastest way to get from Mandalay to Yangon?

The fastest option for getting to Yangon from Mandalay is by taking any of the buses which offer an 8-hour journey. Lots of bus companies can get you from Mandalay to Yangon in this amount of time, leaving you with plenty of options. The cheapest is the Standard Bus offered by Mann Yar Zar Express, which costs $8. This option is available for both daytime journeys and overnight trips.

What is the cheapest way to get from Mandalay to Yangon?

For the cheapest direct route to Yangon from Mandalay, several different companies offer an $8 journey. The best option of these is the same as the pick listed for the fastest journey above. To reiterate, that’s the Standard Bus from Mann Yar Zar Express, which takes 8 hours.



What is the most popular way to get from Mandalay to Yangon?

There are many very popular options for the trip to Yangon from Mandalay, all of which offer similar services. The best choice of these is the VIP Bus, from GI Group Express. This journey costs $11, takes 9 hours and offers a good amount of luxury.



How to get from Mandalay to Yangon

Taking a bus to Yangon from Mandalay

A huge number of bus companies offer trips from Mandalay to Yangon, so you have lots of options. While some buses are pretty basic, others offer perks such as drinks, snacks, blankets and TVs.

Different buses also offer different levels of luxury. While some have very comfortable seating and dimmed lights, some have basic seats along with blasting music. 

You should check the listings for each individual journey before you decide which option you’re going to choose.

Some bus journeys from Mandalay to Yangon take place during the day, while others are overnight. An important note here: while some countries in Southeast Asia have buses with bed-style seats for overnight journeys, that isn’t the case in Myanmar. Instead, you simply get normal chair-style reclining seats, which aren’t quite as comfortable.

Buses from Mandalay to Yangon usually don’t have toilets on board. Instead, they stop for toilet breaks - and food breaks - along the way.



Bus stations that take you from Mandalay to Yangon:

Departing from:

  • Chan Mya Shwe Pyi Highway Station



Arriving at:

  • Aung Mingalar Highway Station
  • Yangon Downtown



Taking a car to Yangon from Mandalay

If you choose to hire a private car from Mandalay to Yangon, you have only one option - a Standard Car from Zar Ya Nee. This is a very expensive choice, but it’s a good pick for travelers who have a big budget and an ever bigger desire for a little luxury.

Instead of paying for an individual seat, you hire the full car and split the cost with your traveling party. If you hire a private car to Yangon from Mandalay, there’s room for up to 5 passengers. 

With a private car from Mandalay to Yangon, you can choose your own departure and arrival times, and your own departure and arrival points. You can also stop wherever and whenever you like.

This car is very comfortable, with AC and luxurious seats.


Car departure and arrival points from Mandalay to Yangon:

Departing from:

  • Any hotel



Arriving at:

  • Any hotel



Taking a minivan to Yangon from Mandalay

A minivan from Mandalay to Yangon is basically the same as hiring a private car, but there’s more space (for up to a total of 9 passengers), and it’s a little more pricey for the full vehicle. That said, if you’re traveling in a group larger than 5 people, it works out cheaper per person.

Again, you can choose your own pit stops, and your own departure and arrival points and times.

This route is serviced only by Zar Ya Nee.


Minivan departure and arrival points from Mandalay to Yangon:

Departing from:

  • Any hotel you like



Arriving at:

  • Any hotel you like



Which operators can I book with for a ride from Mandalay to Yangon?

Mandalay to Yangon bus operators

  • Mandalar Minn
  • Lumbini
  • Elite Express
  • Tet Lann
  • GI Group Express
  • Myat Mandalar Tun Express
  • Ngwe Hnin Mandalar
  • Shwe Mandalar Express
  • Mann Yar Zar Express
  • Khaing Mandalay
  • Shwe Lun Pyan
  • Boss Express
  • Man Shwe Pyi
  • JJ Express


Mandalay to Yangon car companies

  • Zar Ya Nee


Mandalay to Yangon minivan companies

  • Zar Ya Nee



How many departures from Mandalay to Yangon are there each day?

There are around 52 scheduled departures to Yangon from Mandalay each day. But because you can also hire a private ride for any time you like, your options are endless!