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Bagan at a glance

High season

March - May
Current weather
Place you can't miss
Ananda Temple
Local currency
Good to know
Bagan is nothing less than impressive, as it is decorated with tens of ancient, golden pagodas and temples. As you look up, it may seem as though they touch the vivid blue skies. Myanmar may feel like it’s kaleidoscopic in color, and Bagan is a wonderful place to absorb the hues, especially in a marketplace like the Nyaung U market. See the Bagan Plains and walk from one terracota pagoda to the next, and enter the Dhammayangyi Temple. There, a feeling of complete understanding in history may hit you square in the face as the Buddha statues sit with their eyes closed in prayer.

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Top reviews

We've been on many bad roads while travelling around the world but I think this trip was one of the worst. So the road is terrible, the bus company has nothing to do with that, but they can control how the driver drives. The whole time he was speeding and constantly on the wrong side of the road trying to overtake whatever was infront of him. The roads are extremely bumpy so sometimes when we hit a bump at high speed it almost felt like the bus was in the air. That jolt woke me many times and my partner didnt get a wink of sleep. The chairs weren't that comfortable, they were narrow and not a lot of space to recline but we went on another night bus and had the bus with better chairs which we believed this one was supposed to be.
Trip was ok but very
Trip was ok but very old bus, my media system wasn’t working
It's confitable.
Staff is very kindly.
Pleasant journey
The trip is on time and arrive earlier than the schedule. And also the charging port is so helful