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March - May
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Ananda Temple
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Bagan is nothing less than impressive, as it is decorated with tens of ancient, golden pagodas and temples. As you look up, it may seem as though they touch the vivid blue skies. Myanmar may feel like it’s kaleidoscopic in color, and Bagan is a wonderful place to absorb the hues, especially in a marketplace like the Nyaung U market. See the Bagan Plains and walk from one terracota pagoda to the next, and enter the Dhammayangyi Temple. There, a feeling of complete understanding in history may hit you square in the face as the Buddha statues sit with their eyes closed in prayer.

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Top reviews

It's confitable.
Staff is very kindly.
Pleasant journey
The trip is on time and arrive earlier than the schedule. And also the charging port is so helful
Fair price, got in early. Thank you JJ
I'll recommend JJ and ride it again some day.
Comfortable journey
Bus was late on departure and arrival time. Overall, it was a comfortable journey. I gave it four stars, because staff did not know how to deal with trash. During a stop they threw all empty plastic bottles and other trash away on the side of the road. This is not acceptable for a bus company. Please set a good example and collect trash of passengers and deal with it as at the final destination. Stop polluting your own country.
The journey was pleasant and
The journey was pleasant and we arrived early which was great.
Great service, uncomfortable seats.
Let’s face it, taking the bus across Myanmar isn’t going to be glamorous. Thanks to JJ Express, the discomfort can be mitigated. They had a nice air conditioned waiting area, and our bus was exactly on time. Everything was clean and organized. The seats did not decline very far however, and we could not sleep well. But that could be said of any overnight bus.
Bus trip to Bagan
3rd trip by bus to Bagan ,service although good the last 2 times better than before
Gute Busse mit kleinen Macken. SCHLECHTE Strassen.
Der Bus war soweit in Ordnung, hatte jedoch kleine Macken... VIEL ZU KALT eingestellte Klimaanlage! Die Strassen in Myanmar sind so schlecht, dass man bei der Fahrt aus dem Sitz hüpft...
Night bus from Bagan to Yangon
The ride itself was fast (maybe too fast, the driver seemed to step on it) and quite convinient. I slept through most of it. We did depart 30 minutes late, but that's the late passangers fault, not the team's. There is no wifi on the bus and the phone charger didn't really work, but the biggest problem was the end of the trip. The JJ Express buses have two stops in Yangon, both remote - 40 minutes drivr away from the center. The team instructs you to take the shuttle bus that waits for you and tell you where to get off. But the shuttle bus doesn't wait only for you or the other passangers on your bus. It waits until it is full, and I mean totally full - sitting and standing. So you might have to wait 30 minutes or so to other JJ buses so the bus can be loaded and depart to the city. Not a nice experience waiting for so long after a 8-10 hours ride. Then the shuttle driver was driving dangerously and no turist understood his announcements about the stops