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Hpa An at a glance

High Season

Dec - Feb
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Places you can't miss
Kyaut Ka Latt Pagoda
Local currency
Good to know
Hpa An is quite a rural place within Myanmar. Naturally, that means you don’t need a travel itinerary. Wake up early in the morning to hike on Mount Zwegabin and see a sunrise like never before. Clouds descend upon the mountain and it may feel like you’re looking out onto an airy sea. Hpa An, in general, is a mystical looking place. For example, the Kyauk Kalap monastry features a golden monastery practicing a balancing act on a giant rock. If you love to paint, bring your watercolors to capture the combination of experimental Buddhist styles with insane Burmese nature.

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Top reviews

Very comfortable bus but delayed
The bus was very comfortable. But from Hpa An to Yangon the bus had 4 hours delay. This is of course not related to the service provider but overall traffic at the roads btu when we tried to call the company to figure out whether the bus comes at all, noone was able to speak English and explain us the situation.
Early arrival
Arrived at 3h30 in the morning, lucht to early.
Voyage parfait. Je recommande
Voyage parfait. Je recommande