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San Remigio at a glance

High season

June - Aug
Current weather
Place you can't miss
Orongan beach resort
Local currency
Good to know
San Remigio may be remembered by many due to it's glowing beachsides, but it should be experienced through it's natural landmarks, like the Igbaclag Cave. Make sure to visit this spot during the dry season as when it's rainy, the place gets really slippery. It's a bit of a hectic walk through the dripping limestones, and requires a guide who will take you through easily. After the cave tour, make sure to head to the Aningalan strawberry farm in order to pick and munch on some of the most fragrant berries ever. Afterwards, head to a beach like the Baybayon or Orongan and kick off your shoes in front of the warm, blue waters.

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