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Stories by travelers, for travelers

The witches and healers of Siquijor

Siquijor island is infamously known for its mysterious healers and ”white magic– practitioners. Dive into this magical world with our guide to Siquijor.

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How to meet awesome people when traveling solo

Although you may be starting your holiday on your own, you`ll likely end up spending your entire holiday with others.

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The importance of travel as a tool for self-development

Travel inspires, opens doors, forges connections, changes perspectives and encourages self-development. Grow into the best version of yourself by traveling.

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Stations in Dumaguete  

Port of Dumaguete City Flores Ave, Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, Philippineslogo
Dumaguete–Sibulan Airport, Sibulan, 6201 Negros Oriental, Philippineslogo
Dumaguete Port, Dumaguete Port Road, Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, Philippineslogo
station location

Dumaguete at a glance

High season

Dec - Feb
Place you can't miss
Mt. Talinis
Local currency
Good to know
In order to explain the feelings Dumaguete stirs up upon visiting, one must simply refer to the city as a sleepy, college town. The locals are known for the kind and welcoming nature, and their intelligent residents (as Dumaguete is the university center of the southern islands). The air and streets are quite clean, and the city center is in close proximity to many natural wonders. Visit in the month of October to catch the “festival of festivals”, the Buglasan”, where live music and busy costumes fill up the central streets of Dumaguete, like the boulevard of Rizal. Dumaguete is also in close proximity to many extraordinary vistas, including volcanoes, ridges, and mangroves.

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It's frequently not working, intermittent or very slow, especially in the provinces (Palawan being the poster child for dysfunctional wi-fi). That huge caveat aside, most hotels, cafes and restaurants in touristy areas and provincical centres provide free wi-fi. For smartphone users, local SIM cards with data (4G) are easy to purchase, and data is cheap at less than P50 per day. You can still find internet cafes in most decent-sized cities. Business hotels and an increasing number of boutique hotels and hostels have computers for guests to use. Most travellers also surf the net using 3G or 4G mobile phone connections.

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