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2 way to get from Manila to Legazpi

Taking a Bus from Manila to Legazpi
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There are 6 operators that run from Manila to Legazpi, with 1 departure per day. If you decide to take a Bus, you can take the Economy, Comfort, VIP, Tourist, Elite, Skybus, and Standard option.

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Taking a Flight from Manila to Legazpi
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There are 3 operators that run from Manila to Legazpi. If you decide to take a Flight, you can take the Economy option.

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About the ride from Manila to Legazpi

The capital city of the Philippines, Manila, provides an entrance to the islands and beaches of this incredible Southeast Asian country. Although for many travelers their modus operandi is to get in and out of Manila as quickly as possible, if you're inclined to stay awhile, you'll find numerous cultural sites that typical tourists rarely get to see. From fast Filipino food at Jollibee and street food stalls around every corner to European architectural influence, in landmarks like San Agustin Church, there's much more to Manila than may at first meet the eye. 

Once you're all set to leave Manila, the southern city of Legazpi makes for a brilliant alternative to yet another beach resort. Set around 476 kilometers (211 miles) south of the capital, Legazpi is fast-becoming the Philippine's hottest adventure sports activity center. There are so many great activities to get involved in, including scuba diving in the Albay Gulf and quad biking around the foothills of the Philippine's most active volcano, Mount Mayon. Okay, okay, there are plenty of beach resorts close to Legazpi, too. So all you have to do is make your way from Manila to Legazpi at a pace and price that suits you.

Firstly, overland bus rides are the best way to save money and see some of the countryside at the same time. This mode of transport also saves you having to shell out on accommodation for the night, as bus trips can take anything up to 13.5 hours. Buses come in a variety of different styles, including: Economy, VIP, Sleeper and Tourist. Deciding on which style suits your travel budget and comfort zone is part and parcel of traveling in the Philippines. Basically, you pay your Philippine pesos and you take your choice. It's as simple as that.

Alternatively, if you're in a hurry or want to spend more time on the ground, and less time on a bus, you'll discover lots and lots of Economy Flights from Manila to Legazpi leaving throughout the day. Although the price of the airfare is pretty much double what you'll pay for a VIP Bus equivalent, there's plenty to be said for a 1.5 hour flight that's going to allow you to arrive rested and raring to go as opposed to bleary-eyed and slightly crumpled. Hey, it's your adventure so why not just go with the flow?


What to see when traveling from Manila to Legazpi 

If you're traveling overnight by bus from Manila to Legazpi you're not going to see very much other than brightly-lit roadside stalls and highway traffic. However, you might arrive in time for the sunrise and be traveling throughout the day – it's a long distance drive so anything and everything is possible! One thing is for sure, you're going to want to catch up on some sleep at some stage. 

Buses are always air-conditioned and depending on which type you choose – VIP, Tourist, Sleeping or Economy – your seat will recline partially or to a practically horizontal position. Buses are pretty much the perfect way to see parts of the Philippines that most casual beach vacationers wouldn't ever realize. Also, you'll have plenty of time to get out and stretch your legs as well as meeting fellow travelers over the course of the 476 kilometers (211 miles) route from north to south.

If you're thinking of flying from Manila to Legazpi then it only takes around an hour and a half. One of the most important landmarks to keep an eye out for just as you fly into Legazpi is the conical cone of Mount Mayon, that towers above the land at 2,463 meters (8,081 feet). If it's smoking then don't be alarmed, it’s probably just clouds although, then again, this is the Philippines' most active volcano so you never know!

How to get from Manila to Legazpi 

Taking a bus

The most affordable way to get to Legazpi from Manila is the Economy Bus that covers 476 kilometers (211 miles) for a semi-reclining seat price starting from $25. This 13.5 hour journey not only costs less than a quarter of the price of a flight, it also saves you money when it comes to having to book overnight accommodation. If you're looking for a seating upgrade then you can always opt for a VIP Sleeper Bus where seats recline to form beds. Although they're about double the price of traveling on an Economy Bus they are designed for sleeping in comfort. 

No matter which type of bus you choose to travel in from Manila to Legazpi you can rest assured that air conditioning, WiFi access, TV and an onboard bathroom will all be included within the price. As well as the opportunity to get to know lots of friends, that you haven't met yet, along the way.


Taking a flight 

If you're flying from Manila to Legazpi, ticket prices for Economy are approximately double what you'd pay for a VIP Sleeper Bus ride. However, everything's relative and in the grand scheme of things, just over $110 isn't that much for covering 476 kilometers (211 miles) in an hour and half. Flying is also the best option for arriving in Legazpi from Manila looking like you've just stepped out of a salon rather than a saloon.

You'll get to rest and maybe sleep a little before waking up to watch out of your window as Mount Mayon appears above the ground below. There won't be many better ways to see the most active volcano in the Philippines from such a privileged position. Just make sure you're awake to take it all in before the pilot announces that you're coming into land.

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    DLTB is now our favorite Toirist Bus, the bus arrived on time as scheduled at the terminal. While traveling, the driver was driving safely, not so fast but we arrived on our destination at estimated time of arrival. I had good aleep while traveling as if I am at the confort of my bed🙂
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    It was grate experience till nxtime
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