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1 way to get from Cat Ba Island to Tam Coc

Taking a bus-ferry from Cat Ba Island to Tam CocDuration: 5h
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There is 1 operator that run from Cat Ba Island to Tam Coc, with 3 departures per day. If you decide to take a bus-ferry, you can take the Tourist option.

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About the ride from Cat Ba Island to Tam Coc

After spending a few adventurous days in the striking, rugged landscape of Cat Ba Island, it might be difficult to move on. But, Tam Coc, with its dramatic yet soothing landscape, is more than worth the journey.

Tam Coc, known as Halong Bay on land, is part of the Trang An Landscape Complex UNESCO World Heritage Site. Start your tour of this magnificent region with a boat ride on the Ngo Dong River. At first sight of the brilliant green-colored rice fields and soaring karsts, you’ll be spellbound. Watching the locals row the sampan boat with their feet is quite a sight too! 

Another way to explore the soft charm of this region is by leisurely cycling your way through its rice fields. While the entire area lends itself to the most memorable images, the Bich Dong Pagoda is a photographer’s delight. A charming pond filled with lily pads, a beautiful walkway, and an ancient gate welcomes you to this landmark that’s an Instagram favorite!

The distance from Cat Ba Island to Tam Coc is only 80 miles (130 km), but it takes three to five hours to cover it due to the multiple transfers involved. 

Transport from Cat Ba Island to Tam Coc is available by bus + ferry and private taxis + ferry. 

Taking a bus + ferry is the most popular choice due to the frequency of departures and economical pricing. It is one of the best ways to travel from Cat Ba Island to Tam Coc. 

Travelers can hire a private taxi if they wish to have more flexibility.

In both cases, travelers have to hop on board a ferry for a short ride to the mainland before reaching Tam Coc by bus/taxi. 


What to see when traveling from Cat Ba Island to Tam Coc

Both attractions have incredibly fascinating landscapes. The journey allows you to soak in all the mesmerizing beauty between the two. The hour-long ferry ride from Cat Ba Island to Haiphong is your chance to revel in the colors of the Halong Bay region before you discover the fresh allure of Tam Coc! 

The three-hour bus/taxi ride from Haiphong to Tam Coc is the perfect opportunity for you to relax or catch some shut-eye and wake up refreshed and ready to explore Tam Coc. 


How to get from Cat Ba Island to Tam Coc

Taking a bus/minivan/ferry from Cat Ba Island to Tam Coc

With many operators providing services, taking a ferry and bus combo is one of the most convenient and best ways to get from Cat Ba Island to Tam Coc. The total journey takes around four to five hours, and there are a few steps.

Step 1: Get to the pier. Depending on the operator, you will be picked up from your hotel or departure point. If your ticket does not include hotel pick-up, you will need to arrange transportation from your hotel to Cat Ba Pier. 

Step 2: Time to board the one-hour ferry ride to Haiphong Harbor. 

Once you are at Cat Ba Pier, depending on the ticket you purchased, you might be able to continue your ride on the bus/minivan as it gets on the ferry. Otherwise, you may have to disembark and walk onto the ferry at Cat Ba Pier. 

Step 3: From Haiphong harbor to Tam Coc.

Once you arrive, you have a three to four-hour bus/minivan drive ahead of you.

The buses that take you from Haiphong to Tam Coc are air-conditioned and equipped with cushioned, reclining seats. Though most buses don’t have attached washrooms, they make stops along the way.

If you buy a combo ticket, the ferry ride is included in the price. Otherwise, you might have to buy a ferry ticket separately.

Ticket prices start at around $12 for the combo (bus+ferry) ticket, making it the cheapest option – perfect for budget travelers and backpackers. There are multiple departures throughout the day.

The Long Travel, Daiichi Travel, Cat Ba Express, Cat Ba Discovery, and Good Morning Cat Ba are some well-known travel operators.  

Taking a taxi from Cat Ba Island to Tam Coc

Buses take around four and a half to five hours to cover the distance from Cat Ba Island to Tam Coc. But taxis take about three to four hours, making them the best way to get from Cat Ba Island if you are looking for the fastest option. Expectedly, they are more expensive than buses with costs ranging from $70-$80. 

If you hire a taxi, you can expect the convenience of hotel pick up and drop off. 

Also included in the price is the boat transfer (via car ferry or ferry transfer) from Cat Ba Island to the mainland. 

This option is perfect for families with children and travelers who prefer to have the flexibility and don’t mind paying a premium for the extra space, comfort, privacy, and shorter travel times. 

Taking a train from Cat Ba Island to Tam Coc

The Cat Ba Island to Tam Coc distance can also be covered by train, though it is not a popular option. 

The first part of the journey is similar to bus or taxi travel. You have to get to the Cat Ba Pier and hop on a ferry transfer to Haiphong. 

Once you’ve reached the mainland, you will have to head to the Haiphong station to catch a train to Hanoi. There you will switch trains to one that is heading to Ninh Binh/Tam Coc. The entire journey takes more than eight hours. 

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