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Dong Ha to Bien Hoa

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1 way to get from Dong Ha to Bien Hoa

Taking a Train from Dong Ha to Bien HoaDuration: 20h 30m
Know before you go

The train between Dong Ha to Bien Hoa is a representation of modern Vietnam. It’s very clean, and you get a bed to sleep on for the long journey. The cabin comes air conditioned, with WiFi, and charger sockets. In order to prepare for the long journey, you should bring some extra snacks, like fresh bahn mi with.

  • Pros
    • Central pick up/drop off
    • Excellent service
    • Modern train experience
    • Partially refundable
  • Cons
    • Long journey
    • One departure/day
    • Middle of the night arrival
    • Makes no stops
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Bookaway's customers prefer Standard Train by Violette Trains

Standard Train by Violette Trainswhich usually takes 20h 30m

TRAINViolette Trains

652 Km (Air)

Standard Train by Violette Trains starting at US$85

Approximately, there are 1 departures each day.