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Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh (Saigon)

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Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) at a glance

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Dec - Feb
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Chi Chi tunnels
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Good to know
As soon as you arrive in Ho Chi Minh, it will feel like a tunnel into the past. The color red will be distinct as it decorates women wearing national dress, the Ao Dai, the flags, and the beautiful, tropical fruits you can buy at the Ben Thanh market. At Saigon City Hall, see the relics of French colonization. The Chi Chi tunnels in Saigon serve as memory to lives lost during the Vietnam war. Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) is often remembered for the wars and colonization that it endured, but what was birthed from the stormy history is beautiful sights and a city booming with Vietnam’s renewed life.

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Top reviews

Why did you sent us email about Cambodia Vietnam border closed? Our schedule is suppose to leave at 13:30 but we have to leave at 12:30pm. Everything was rushed and very stressful.
Bus to Phnom Phenn
The guide didn't understand that I was going to Phnom Phenn and returning to Saigon by plane and getting a visa on arrival at the airport. Although I showed him my letter of invitation from Immigration department and plane ticket on Qatar airlines. He left me with others returning to Saigon after getting their visa stamped. Eventually he understood what I was doing and had to go my motorcycle from the boarder to the restaurants where the bus was stopped for passengers to eat and have comfort break... I had 5 minutes to go to WC and get a cold drink. Not enough time to eat.
大幅な遅延: Significant delay
待機場所で待っていてもバスが現れず…カスタマーサービスに連絡を取ってしばらくしたら3時間バスが遅れていることが発覚。バス会社に行き、伝えると、バスではなくバンに乗らされ、別のバス停へ。結局、バスは来たのかわかりません。予約したのはスリーピングバスだが、明らかに普通のバス。何に乗ったのかはわからなかったがとりあえずプノンペン にはつきました。しかし、19時すぎに着く予定だったのでお昼しか食べてなく夜ご飯は持っていなくて、着いたのは結局22時すぎ。お金もなくて大変でした。
Normal trip
It was ok. The guides were ok at the beggining... but after crossing the borders, they didn't look very happy. They kept 5 dollars for everyone of us. Don't think is fair
Pretty decent
Service was good, beds a bit small.
Van was great, nice seats
Van was great, nice seats and very cold. Driver just left me at the border, apparently I was denied entry. Would have been nice if he spent a few moments to tell me what had happened. Some local came and told me.
-There was a switching of
-There was a switching of the bus at the border while we expected one shot ride from PP to HCM - The driver stop too long to pick up the unregister passenger onboard
An ok ride across the border!!
Nice staff, and a comfy journey but a delayed journey and the border crossing took a long time! Don’t use if you want more time in your destination!
HCMC to PP by bus
Bus was a bit older than expected but trip was smooth.