Best Brela Beach Croatia Hot Spots for Beach-Hopping

Ready to learn about the top Brela Beach Croatia hotspots for the ultimate Dalmatian Coast getaway?

This cute town is located on the Adriatic Coast between Split and Dubrovnik. It’s a six-kilometer stretch of coastline with several of the best beaches in Croatia.

Picture this… shimmering waters displaying the perfect gradient of turquoise to translucent. Beachcombing warm sands beneath the warm Mediterranean sun. Strolling along scenic coastal promenades while the sun sets  

That is Brela. 

Enticing, right?

Let’s dive into all the coastal hotspots you don’t want to miss.

Best Brela Beach Croatia Destinations

Punta Rata

Best beach for coastal views.

Brela Beach Croatia from above

Ranked by Forbes Magazine as one of the world’s best beaches, Punta Rata showcases the rich beauty of the Makarska Riviera region. It’s also one of the most recognized beaches—its iconic views are seen on everything from postcards to viral Tik-Toks touting Punta Rata as the trendiest Croatia beach hot spot.

Punta Rata features a paved promenade for coastal strolls before stepping onto the white pebble beach. Bring an umbrella and towel to claim a spot on the busy shore. Jump into the see-through water to enjoy water sports like stand-up paddle boarding, jet skiing, and snorkeling. 

Later, hike through the coastal Dalmatia pines for tree-framed views of the famous Brela Stone.

Soline Beach

Best beach for families.

clear waters near Brela Beach Croatia

Just steps away from Punta Rata is the family-friendly Soline Beach. It offers breathtaking views of the craggy Biokovo Mountain towering more than 3,200 feet above the azure Adriatic Sea. 

Transparent, shallow water makes it great for kids to swim or grab a partner and cruise the coast in a paddle boat rental. 

After a few hours on the beach, unwind with a glass of Dalmatian wine at the Time & Wine Bar on the beachfront.

Podrače Beach

Best beach for photographers. 

Croatian beach framed by pines

When peak travel season brings crowds to Punta Rata, escape via the promenade to Podrače Beach. This charming cove is one of the most photographed Brela beaches—for a good reason! 

Every frame is a million-dollar shot with views of chalky cliffs over the seafoam waters. Smooth pebbles lightly massage your feet as you step across the beach into the water for swimming and snorkeling. 

Grab your camera and swimsuit because it’s time for flashes and splashes.

The charming cove is welcoming for visitors, with facilities like showers and beach chairs available. 

If you’re really feeling adventurous, check out the nearby Medvidine Cave.

Maestral Beach

Best beach for swimming and sunbathing.

umbrellas and chairs on a beach near Brela Croatia

Experience the idyllic beach lifestyle at Maestral Beach. 

Kids splash near the coast, pretending their beach shoes are flippers while swimming in the calm waters. 

Sun-worshiping parents watch from sun loungers offering panoramic views of the crescent cove or escape the heat in the shade. Meanwhile, spirited beachcombers sip fruity cocktails hand-blended at the beach bar in comfy beach chairs.

Pro tip: Arrive early to claim your favorite spot because Maestral Beach is one of the most popular and best beaches in Brela. This narrow strip of coast is widely popular with both locals and tourists.

Scit Beach

Best beach to escape tourists.

rocky beach in Croatia

It takes only a few days to fall in love with this charming town. 

Scit Beach is where the locals go to enjoy their town’s main attraction, but tourists are also welcome on these friendly shores. This small cove is one of the least developed—ideal for enjoying the coast’s natural beauty. 

Unfortunately, it also means no rentals are available like other neighboring beaches. So come with all your beach gear to maximize your beach day!

Vruja Beach

Best beach for off-the-beaten-path fun.

Vruja beach overview in Croatia

Hop in a boat because that’s the best way to access Vruja Beach. 

Navigate to these secluded shores, and you’ll find a hidden gem of a beach concealed behind a wall of steep cliffs. The rocky cove provides shelter from rough waves. It’s the perfect environment for abundant marine life, so plenty of fish can be seen while snorkeling here.

Stari Porat Beach

Best beach for leisure.

boardwalk along a beach

This small cove is found along a coastal walking path whose main feature is the view. Join the traffic of walkers and joggers. Or take a seat on the beachfront bench for a sea-level perspective of Brela set against the mountain backdrop. 

Bring sunglasses because you won’t find any shade here!

The beachside Stari Porat café is a great afternoon hangout to enjoy the views over the beach with

a cold glass of Ozujsko, the national beer in Croatia.

Za Punton Beach

Closest beach to the Old Town and Harbor.

beach and boats near Brela Beach Croatia

You’re never far away from the beach while exploring town. Za Punton Beach is one of the easiest to reach, thanks to its proximity to the old town and harbor.

The Brela harbor is filled with marine activity, from fishing to leisure and small motorboats. Continue down the promenade to reach the gravel shores, open to the public to swim or sunbathe. It’s one of the most convenient beach locations near hotels, restaurants, and cafes.

Stomarica Beach

Best beach for dog lovers. 

two boats near a rocky pier

Bring your sun tan lotion because you won’t find as much tree shade at Stomarica Beach as other beaches in Brela. But you’ll have a lovely day at this dog-friendly beach.  

The quiet shores will call your name, so dip your paws in the refreshing waters and go snorkeling to see the lively underwater world. Then, dry off in the sun while staying cool with an iced coffee from the nearby Waikiki Beach Bar.

Just 10 minutes from Punta Rata, it’s an excellent alternative for a more laid-back atmosphere.

Brela, Croatia: Things to Do After the Beach

It’s easy to spend your entire vacation relaxing on the beautiful beaches along the coast. But if you’re curious about what to do in Brela, Croatia, when you need a break from the beach, there are plenty of options! So, add a few of these activities to your itinerary to stay well entertained until your next beach session.

Explore Local Hiking Trails

hiking trails near Brela Beach Croatia

The mountainous landscape surrounding Brela makes it an excellent hiking destination. 

Lace up your hiking shoes and trek The French Road winding along the slopes of Biokovo Mountain. Read the interpretive panels to learn about its history and the landmarks seen while gazing over the Adriatic Sea. 

For a more leisurely hike with views just as spectacular, try the scenic trails of Gornji Kričak.

Sightseeing in Brela

drone view of Brela Croatia

Brela is more than just beaches. It’s a charming coastal town. 

Stroll the hilly streets past its distinct red-roofed, white buildings to find landmarks like the 120-year-old Church of St. Stephen. 

Pick up a Brela Croatia map at the local tourist board office to navigate the Gornja Brela trail to the Saint Nicholas Church. Or ascend the ridge to reach the Hercegova Fortress providing a watchful eye over the city. 

Or try safari buggy tours along the coast. It’s one of the best ways to see the coastal region.

Day Trips from Brela

view of Dubrovnik from the water

Use Brela as your base to visit popular day trip destinations. 

Trade in the urban streets for the rural Kričak, a village established on the cliffs rising above the coast. 

Hop in a ferry and cruise the Adriatic Coast to reach Dubrovnik. This medieval town is famous for its Game of Thrones film locations. 

Or drive an hour to visit the culturally-rich Split. It’s dotted with landmarks like the UNESCO Palace of Diocletian and the Roman-style Jupiter’s Temple.

Types of Accommodations in Brela Croatia

view from the water of the hills of Brela Croatia

The popularity of Brela Beach means there are plenty of hotels and other accommodations to stay at. Choose from waterfront luxury resorts to your very own private villa.

The best place to stay is along the coast. The beaches are the main attraction, and waterfront accommodations put you just minutes away—or closer!

Hotels are a popular choice for accommodations. Waterfront resorts offer oceanfront balcony views and guest amenities like infinity pools and spas. Alternatively, vacation rentals are also excellent options, with waterfront villas, apartments, and condos to rent on Airbnb.

Prices for hotels and villa rentals are highest during the busy summer travel season. So make reservations early if you’re planning a trip to Brela since accommodations can fill up.

Weather in Brela, Croatia

trees growing out of a rock in the water at sunset

Sure, Brela has beautiful beaches. But, just how nice is the weather to enjoy them? 

The good news is that you can expect a moderate to warm Mediterranean climate year-round! With hot summers and mild winters, it’s an escape from some of Croatia’s colder northern regions.

The best time to visit is during the summer months of June to August. Warm temperatures averaging in the low 80s Fahrenheit and upwards of 14 hours of sunshine make it the best for enjoying the beach.

The winter season, from December to March, has the mildest temperatures averaging in the 40-50s Fahrenheit. 

January is the coldest month.

Packing List Essentials for Brela

aerial view of Brela Beach Croatia

Pack for the beach because you’ll spend plenty of time in the sun when visiting Brela beach. For this trip, you’ll need more than just sunscreen and swimsuits. Here are things to pack for the ultimate beach getaway:

  • Swimsuit
  • Swim shoes (for pebbly beaches)
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses and/or hat
  • Swimming goggles
  • Beach towels
  • Cell phone/camera
  • Waterproof bag
  • Cash for renting umbrellas and beach loungers when available

Map of Brela, Croatia

Before jetting to this beach hot spot, it helps to understand where Brela, Croatia, is and how to get to the most popular beaches. Take a look at this map to see where to find each beach along the coast.

How to Get to Brela

Brela from the beach

This beach is a popular day trip and beach holiday vacation spot for many travelers, so it’s easy to get to and from Brela

Many people arriving from abroad will find flights into the international Dubrovnik Airport (DBV). From there, it’s only 3.5 hours away by bus. Daily routes from Dubrovnik to Brela are available from the Dubrovnik Central Bus Station.

Alternatively, the city of Split operates a small but international airport, SPU. You can go from Split to Brela via bus, private car or minivan transfer in about an hour.

Once in Brela, many popular tourist areas along the beach promenade have tons you can check out on foot. Renting a car to get around town is also a popular option.

Brela Beach Croatia: The Takeaway

canoe floatng in clear water near Brela Beach, Croatia

Many people have heard of Punta Rata, but many other Croatia locations are just as stunning. 

Explore the Dalmatia region along the Adriatic Coast to find distinct beaches ideal for relaxation, water sports, and more. Then, when it’s time to get out of town, check out all the Croatian locations Bookaway can take you.


What is the closest airport to Brela, Croatia?

The Split Airport (SPU) is the closest—it’s only 34 miles away.

What is the closest town to Brela Beach?

It’s Brela! Nearby major cities include Split, Croatia (30 miles away), and Dubrovnik (115 miles away).

Is the Brela Beach Croatia area safe?

Yes! The beaches are very safe! It’s a family-friendly destination with resorts, shops, and restaurants lining the shore. During the summer, some beaches have lifeguards.

Can you swim at the Brela Croatia beach spots?

Yes, the beaches are open to the public and excellent for swimming. In addition, it has many sheltered coves for kid-friendly swimming.

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