Playa Mermejita, Mexico: Your New Blissful Beach Spot

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Gray sand, turquoise waves, and peaceful views. Playa Mermejita is the beach to visit on your Oaxaca, Mexico, travels. Find out why here…

frothy waves hitting the rocks in Playa Mermejita

Exploring Oaxaca, Mexico, this year? Then don’t pass Playa Mermejita without stopping to enjoy the unique gray sand and majestic views.

Yup! This beach is home to fine slate-colored sands, turquoise waters, and dramatic clifftops. Whether you’re new to beach hopping or a bonafide expert, this seafront will offer views you’ve never seen before. Plus, it’s a super quiet area, allowing you to take in the scenes without noisy disturbances. 

But you’ll need to start planning before you visit this southern location. Knowing what to expect and what to bring will make your Mermejita beach experience even better, especially since this isn’t a traveler hotspot. It never hurts to be prepared.

Scroll down to get ahead of the tourist trends. 

Playa Mermejita, Mexico: What You Need to Know

orange sunset in Playa Mermejita

Though it’s not completely hidden, this beach doesn’t get too busy. So you’ll always have room to breathe—or sunbathe! That’s right. It’s a paradise for anyone who wants to avoid an overcrowded coastline. Here, you’ll be chilling with locals and tourists, not the crowds.

Thanks to the many reliable amenities, you can easily spend the day here without having to leave for a quick toilet break. Facilities include umbrellas, sun loungers, toilets, lifeguard supervision, and a beachside restaurant. 

There’s also nearby parking for any drivers out there.

However, relaxed vibes aren’t the only reasons tourists travel to Playa Mermejita. 

Here you can also catch a glimpse of endangered leatherback turtles. This spot is one of the two beaches in the Oaxaca region where these creatures come ashore to rest and nest. So, if you’ve always wanted to see turtles lay eggs, this is the place to visit. 

Where is Playa Mermejita?

sunset in Playa Mermejita

Mermejita Beach is located in the state of Oaxaca in the south of Mexico, near the popular town of Mazunte. Many travelers get confused and believe Mermejita is part of Mazunte, but this isn’t true. These are two different locations about a 10-minute drive apart.

So, next time you hear anyone say they’re going to Mermejita Beach in Mazunte, know they mean a beach just west of this hippy Oaxacan town.

Mermejita beach is great for quaint pictures—but not so great for nightlife or big hotel resorts. This is a handy tip to remember when you’re picking accommodation, but we’ll explain more about that later. 

Is Playa Mermejita, Mazunte a Nudist Beach? 

shadow of bikini in sand

If you aim to get as close to nature as possible, you’re in luck. 

Playa Mermejita is considered an ‘unofficial’ nudist beach. This means you can go nude here, but it doesn’t have a proper dedicated title. 

Many decide to strip off at this spot, thanks to the secluded nature of the bay and cliffs. However, you don’t have to take your kit off! 

The Best Playa Mermejita Activities

Lapping up the blue sea and iconic gray sand isn’t the only thing to do on this coastline.

Try Surfing

surfer looking at the surf

Want to ride the Playa Mermejita surf? 

Whether or not you have years of experience on a board, this beach’s waves are a popular spot for a quick paddle. 

It’s a must-try for any budding surfers out there. 

Surfboards can be rented from Mazunte, or you can bring your own.

Go Beach Hopping

woman walking on Playa Mermejita

Not a fan of staying in one spot? 

Get your flip-flops on and spend a couple of days beach hopping. 

Mermejita is neighbors with Playa Mazunte, another top-rated Oaxaca surfing spot on the edge of Mazunte town. 

However, walk a wee bit further east of Playa Mazunte, and you’ll find Playa Bebe and Playa San Agustinillo—two more popular sandy beaches with amenities and restaurants.

Snap a Picture of Ventanilla

Playa Ventanilla in Oaxaca Mexico

On the west side of this beach, you’ll find the impressive Ventanilla—a rock formation with a small window (or ventana in Spanish). 

This is a famous view, and you can’t visit Mermejita without appreciating this natural wonder. 

Whether you swim out to it or snap a picture from the beach, take a moment to soak up this famous geological formation.

See the Circus 

acrobat in circus ring

This spot isn’t only known for its beautiful beach. It’s also home to a popular Oaxaca circus group called Mermejita Circus. 

These talented performers have been perfecting their craft since 2009, leaving thousands of audiences impressed. 

Whether you sign up for a workshop or see a show, this group always provides unique entertainment. 

Go Snorkeling

underwater selfie

What’s really under the turquoise waters? 

If you grab some goggles and a snorkel, you can find out. 

Playa Mermejita offers great snorkeling spots, and you can purchase a kit from local vendors on the beach or in nearby Mazunte. Ideal if you want to explore every inch of the coastline.

Accommodation in Playa Mermejita

hotels in Playa Mermejita

If you’re adding Mermejita to your vacation to-do list, spend a night in nearby Mazunte to get the whole experience. 

You’ll be able to find cabañas and bungalows around the Mazunte area, and many of these are listed on hotel booking websites. 

Hotels in Playa Mermejita, Oaxaca, are few and far between. However, in nearby Mazunte, you’ll find accommodation options for all your needs. From sophisticated apartment rentals to full-service resorts, you can spend as much or as little as you want. Perfect for budget travelers and big spenders.

Try to book before you travel. Unfortunately, last-minute bookings aren’t always accepted.

Weather for Playa Mermejita

misty morining at Playa Mermejita, Mexico

Considering a visit to Playa Mermejita or Mazunte? Remember to check the forecast before you go. 

Luckily, this location sees warm weather all year round. However, we recommend booking from November to April if you want to make the most of the sun. Perfect for a quick winter sun getaway, especially if you live in a cold country.

June to September is when temperatures are the hottest, but it’s also the rainiest and, therefore, the most humid.

You’re still able to swim even in the coolest months. From December to February, the ocean temperature is usually around 26°C/78°C.

Packing List Essentials for Playa Mermejita, Oaxaca

Mazunte beach at sunset

Don’t leave the house yet. Make sure you’ve ticked off all the essentials for this beach destination. Here are our recommendations for your trip:

  • Reef-safe sunscreen. Protect yourself and the sea creatures!
  • Flip-flops/beach shoes 
  • Swimwear
  • Waterproof bags
  • A sun hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Spare cash for beachside amenities
  • A big beach-ready bag to carry everything in.

Map of Playa Mermejita, Oaxaca

You know what to do, where to stay, and when to go. So now is the perfect time to check out our map of Mermejita Beach and its surroundings. 

How to Get to Mermejita, Oaxaca

drone view of playa mermejita

Forget wondering, “How do I get to Mermejita,” while staring at the bus station signs. We’ve got your back when it comes to directions. 

The closest town to Meremejita is Mazunte, which you’ll need to pass through when accessing this popular beach spot. In fact, Mazunte offers a range of hotels, restaurants, and its own beach—it’s worth staying in for a day or two if you have the extra time. 

Traveling to Mazunte is easy and accessible from Oaxaca and Puerto Escondido. The shortest route is from Puerto Escondido to Mazunte, which takes approximately 1.5 hours via a minivan. 

However, if you’re traveling from Oaxaca to Mazunte, you’ll need to save approximately six hours for a minivan ride. 

Alternatively, you can fly to the nearest airport—Bahia De Huatulco International Airport (HUX). From here to Mazunte, you can expect an approximately 1-hour taxi. 

The Takeaway About Playa Mermejita

couples watching the sunet on the beach

Spending time in the Playa Mermejita sun is simply bliss, especially when there are unique views, warm waters, and high-quality beachside amenities. 

But don’t book any old route! Take advantage of Bookaway’s Mexican travel routes to find accurate times and affordable prices. 

We’ll save a sun lounger for you.


What is the closest airport to Playa Mermejita?

Bahia De Huatulco International Airport (HUX) is only a little over 1-hour away by car.

What is the closest town to Playa Mermejita?

Mazunte is about 10 minutes away by car.

Is Playa Mermejita Safe?

Yes, this is a safe beach. Just look after your belongings as you would anywhere in the world. 
A couple of Mermejita sharks were spotted in 2021, but the waters are safe for a dip again. When in doubt, ask the lifeguard.

Can you swim at Playa Mermejita?

Yes, this beach is a popular spot for swimming. 

Posted March 8, 2023
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