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Essential packing tips for a Southeast Asia trip

Heading on a trip to Southeast Asia and wondering what to pack? Here we have you covered with essential packing tips to make your trip easier.
Outdoor exercising in Kampot, Cambodia

Digital nomad’s guide to Kampot, Cambodia

Discover Kampot in southern Cambodia and make it the next stop on your digital nomad journey. Plan the logistics of your stay in Kampot with this guide.
Cancun Hotel Zone Beach

The ultimate Cancun travel guide

From beaches to bars, Cancun's Caribbean vibe attracts visitors from around the globe. Here's a guide to help you get around.
Coronavirus medical professional

Bookaway’s updates on the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The coronavirus is a novel disease spreading through the world and through the media spheres. Get updates & more info on prevention and Bookaway bookings here.
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How to stay healthy when traveling in Southeast Asia

Health is often a major concern when traveling. However, here we have you covered with 7 essential tips to help you stay healthy whilst on the rode.

How to apply for a Vietnamese visa

This is the ultimate guide to getting a tourist Visa to Vietnam; from visa exemption to visas on arrival, e-visas, and more.
Buddhist Temple, Mount Fansipan

The Roof of Indochina: Summiting Mount Fansipan

Climbing Mt. Fansipan is not an easy task. You can cheat and take the cable car, or you can hike and choose from one of three paths: easy, medium and hard.
Suitcase at a train station

Packing tips when traveling to Southeast Asia

Travel isn't just about listing destinations; it's also about understanding what is essential and what you'd actually use while you're on a trip.
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