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Outdoor exercising in Kampot, Cambodia

Digital nomad’s guide to Kampot, Cambodia

Discover Kampot in southern Cambodia and make it the next stop on your digital nomad journey. Plan the logistics of your stay in Kampot with this guide.
Solo female traveler, Angkor Wat

The most Instagrammable places in Cambodia

Asia is home to some truly remarkable countries and photogenic places, with Cambodia topping that list. These are the most Instagrammable places in Cambodia.
Workshop Coffee, Ho Chi Minh City

Digital nomad’s guide to Ho Chi Minh City

Beyond being a fantastic place to travel, Vietnam has reimagined itself as a digital nomad’s paradise, offering much to the international employee.
Solo female traveler at a mountain lake

Why do we travel? To search for solutions

Human sciences suggest that we are all trying to find purpose and freedom, even if we are too distracted to be aware of it. Travel does just that.
Dragon Bridge, Da Nang

The most Instagrammable spots in Da Nang

If you find yourself traveling to the beautiful, coastal city of Da Nang in Vietnam, check out these 5 spots where you can go crazy with your angles.
Photographer in the rice paddies of Vietnam

The 5 most instagrammable spots in Hanoi

Hanoi: A vibrant city with a beautiful contrast of the old and new. Be sure to explore with a camera so you can spice up your Instagram feed.
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