Most Beautiful Beaches in Rovinj to Chase Summer

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The most beautiful beaches in Rovinj are close to the main center. Wondering which ones to visit? We have a detailed guide for you.

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Are you planning to visit Rovinj, Croatia, soon? Make sure you pack your swimsuit because from May to October, the average water temperature is a superb 75°F. Since there are so many picturesque beaches in Rovinj, it can be hard to know which ones to visit. But don’t worry. We did all the planning for you. All you need to do now is read this and start packing for your vacation. 

When you arrive in Rovinj, you will most likely fly into Pula Airport, approximately 40 kilometers (25 miles) south. Get to the central Pula bus station in town and hop on a bus to Rovinj. It’ll only take about 45 minutes.  

Best Rovinj Beaches

Amarin Beach

clear blue sea in Rovinj, Croatia

Perfect for families 

Starting our list of the most beautiful beaches in Rovinj is Amarin Beach. Suitable for families and couples, this stone and pebble beach is relatively protected by bush vegetation. You’ll experience clear aquamarine waters perfect for swimming. 

This beach is ideal for families because there is a lifeguard tower and access to facilities such as toilets and changing rooms. The Amarin Resort nearby means you also have a variety of restaurants and bars to choose from.

For restless beachgoers, wander to the neighboring coastline hotspots of Punta Križa (Cape Cross) and Saline Bay.

Amarin Beach is only four kilometers (2.5 miles) from Rovinj. Free parking is available in front of the reception at the Amarin campsite.

Porton Biondi Beach

umbrellas on a pebble beach in Rovinj, Croatia

Ideal for convenience or if you’re short on time

If you have spent the morning exploring the Old Town and the sites of Rovinj, this beach is ideal. Only 20 minutes by foot from Old Town, this rocky beach with pebble inlets offers gorgeous views over the historical center. While there isn’t much shade, renting beach umbrellas and deck chairs is possible. The small kiosk where you can rent these items also provides cool drinks. 

If you decide not to walk, free parking is available on the beach’s northern end near one of the beach bars. Alternatively, why not camp at the Porton Biondi beach camping grounds? That way, you can wander the beach after the daytrippers have left. 

Lone Bay Beach

snorkelers in Croatia

Fantastic for nature lovers 

Located near the entrance to Zlatni Rt forest park (also referred to as Golden Cape) is the picturesque Lone Bay Beach. You must come on foot or by bicycle. However, it is only a short walk from town. 

You will be amazed by the crystal clear water, so don’t forget to bring your snorkel and mask. For those looking for privacy, there are a few other small rocky beaches that you can easily wander to. The sun can be intense during summer, so the protected forest park can provide the shade everyone needs. 

It’s possible to rent a pedalo or row boat so that you can explore this stunning bay area. 

Borik Beach

view of Rovinj from Borki Beach

Perfect for view chasers  

Situated in a quiet village only four kilometers (2.5 miles) from the Old Town is Borik Beach, also known as Val de Lesso. You’ll find a sheltered bay area with crystal clear water and views over Rovinj and the neighboring island of Figarola. 

There is an area of the beach on the southernmost part which is dog friendly. 

Like most beaches in Rovinj, you will find ample facilities, including beach chair hire, toilets and showers. In addition, there are three restaurants and a small bar on the beach so you don’t have to go far for a drink. 

Kuvi (Cuvi) Beach

Kuvi Beach Rovinj, Croatia

Ideal for people who want to let it all hang out

One of the most popular beaches in Rovinj is Kuvi Beach, located between the forest park and the Villas Rubin resort. 

With its location slightly further out of town (still only six minutes by car), this beach is partly a naturist beach, separated by the Kuvi Cape. Croatia is known for its naturist beaches. However, at the city beaches such as Lone Bay, it is prohibited. 

If you plan to spend the day here, you can enjoy lunch at the beach bar and restaurant. 

Mulini Beach

Mulini Beach Rovinj Croatia

Excellent for hanging at a classy beach bar with lounge chairs 

Even with all of the others on this list, Mulini Beach must not be missed.  

While you will find pebbles to lay on, there is a finished concrete section where you can rent a deck chair or umbrella from the nearby Hotel Monte Mulini. It’s worth it when spending the whole day at the beach, particularly with young ones. 

The hotel provides access to some restaurants and a classy beach bar to grab a late breakfast or lunch. If you stay until sunset, you will be amazed by the views from this beach. It’s an easy walk from Rovinj town center, so you can hop over for a sunset drink even if you haven’t lounged there all day. 

Katarina Island

Aerial view of Katarina Island

The perfect day trip to a neighboring island 

If you want something a little different, head to Katarina Island. It is only a few hundred meters from Rovinj, so it’s easy to get there by taxi boat. Boats depart every hour, and the journey is a short 15 minutes. 

On the east side, you will find beaches that are attended by lifeguards. They are mainly rocky, with a few sandy coves to explore. The island is home to the well-known Hotel Katarina, which offers a range of facilities, including an outdoor pool, a restaurant and bar, as well as a diving center. 

If you are adventurous, head to the island’s northwest side. There are three cliff jumps you must try: Gold, Silver and Bronze. They reach a height of up to 15 meters (49 feet). 

Wondering where to go after a few nights in Rovinj?

Porec Croatia beaches

A great nearby option is Porec. Situated further north, Rovinj to Porec will take 35 minutes by bus. It’s another beautiful town with world-class beaches, in case you haven’t had enough. There are also some fascinating historical sites and magical mosaics you can’t miss. 

Time to move on from Croatia? Then Venice is a great option due to its convenience, and well, it’s Venice. The Venezia Lines ferry from Rovinj to Venice takes three hours and 40 minutes. It’s a fantastic place to start your adventures in Italy. 

And if you’re still unsure where to go next, check out our Croatia itinerary for more ideas.


How do I get to Croatia?

There are direct flights arriving daily from cities around the world. Zagreb is the main airport; however, Dubrovnik, Zadar and Pula are other alternatives. 

Is Croatia easy to travel to with children?

Yes. It’s known to be a friendly and laid-back country with many family activities, particularly during summer when there are endless beautiful beaches. 

How long does it take to travel from Rovinj to the capital Zagreb?

From Rovinj to Zagreb it will take three hours and 15 minutes by bus. 

Posted September 26, 2022
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