The best places in Thailand to go wine tasting

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You might not think of wine when you think of Thailand but it’s actually home to some great vineyards. Here are the best places in Thailand to go wine tasting.

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When you think of Thailand, your first thoughts are probably that of cheap street food, dazzling temples and hectic motorbike-filled roads. You probably don’t think of wine or vineyards when you think of Thailand.

However, wine lovers will be thrilled to know that Thailand is actually home to numerous world-renowned vineyards that offer both wine tasting experiences and the chance to soak up some traditional Thai culture all at once.

In this guide, we’ll take you through some of the best places in Thailand to go wine tasting, so get your glasses at the ready!


Pattaya resides on Thailand’s eastern Gulf coast and is renowned as being home to some of the country’s best beaches.

Not only is it a place that offers golden sands, bountiful blue coastline and beach huts aplenty, Pattaya City is also the neighbor to one of Thailand’s best vineyards; Silverlake Vineyard

The 18-year-old vineyard resides on a 194-hectare estate. Here you can enjoy tours of the vineyard itself, ample wine tasting opportunities, plus Silverlake’s very own restaurant, bed and breakfast and numerous shops where you can purchase bottles of wine made from the grapes from the vineyards.

Silverlake Vineyard is set upon beautiful grounds, surrounded by rolling hills and lakes, plus views out to the region’s iconic Buddha Mountain.

You can take a car, minivan or bus to Pattaya City from Bangkok and then it’s just a short taxi ride away to Silverlake Vineyard.

Khao Yai

Thailand’s Khao Yai region is home to not one, but two of the country’s most famous and beloved vineyards; GranMonte and PB Valley.

GranMonte Vineyard & Winery is much smaller than the likes of Silverlake Vineyard at only 16 hectares in size, but at 350 meters above sea level, GranMonte certainly packs a punch when it comes to unique winery experiences.


You can enjoy guided tours of both the winery and the vineyards at GranMonte, with plenty of opportunities to sample the goods as well.

It’s a family-run establishment, with an on-site restaurant where you can enjoy quintessentially Thai dishes, all washed down with the winery’s best pairings.

Situated just a 12-minute drive from GranMonte Vineyard, you’ll find PB Valley Winery. 

PB Valley Winery is over 30 years old and was actually the first winery and vineyard to ever open in Thailand so if you’re wanting a truly authentic wine tasting experience in Thailand, there’s really no place better than PB Valley.

It’s also absolutely enormous, at over 400-hectares in size and as part of your vineyard and winery tour, you can sample award-winning wines. There’s also a restaurant where you can enjoy scrumptious Thai delicacies, plus a store to purchase your very own bottles of wine to take home with you.

Minivans from Bangkok to Khao Yai start from just US $12 per person and the journey from the bustling city of Bangkok to the tranquil surroundings of Khao Yai National Park will take you just over 3 hours. 

Hua Hin

Monsoon Valley Vineyards actually operate across 3 vineyards; one in Hua Hin, one in Chiang Mai, as well as the Tab Kwang Vineyard. 

Hua Hin Hills is the largest of the three vineyards and is also often regarded as the best. Spanning across 110 hectares, Hua Hin Hills Vineyard offers so much more than just wine tasting.

©Soile Vauhkonen/Flickr

Here you can also enjoy tours of the winery and vineyard, plus other activities and excursions such as mountain biking, bottle painting, a wine safari, plus dinner at the wonderful Sala Wine Bar & Bistro.

You can get to Hua Hin from Bangkok via bus, car, minivan or train. Travel by train is one of the cheapest ways to get there with prices from just US $10, but it’s also the slowest mode of transport, taking approximately four and a half hours. The cheapest and quickest option is by minivan which takes only 3 hours and prices start at US $8.

You can also get there from Koh Samui via bus and ferry. Prices to/from Koh Samui start from US $25 per person for the 9 and a half hour journey. 

Wang Nam Khiao

Located to the east of Khao Yai National Park, the Wang Nam Khiao District is home to another one of Thailand’s top vineyards; Village Farm and Winery.

Village Farm and Winery is actually the smallest vineyard on this list, at just 13 hectares, but the estate still manages to boast an impressive vineyard, restaurant, spa and hotel.

©Atibordee Kongprepan/Flickr

Here you can relax in the tranquil surroundings of the cliff-edge vineyard, while indulging in their finest wines created by incorporating traditional French techniques into the wine-making process.

The best way to get to Wang Nam Khiao is by taking a minivan from Bangkok to the Khao Yai National Park and then making your own way to the vineyard either by taxi or local transport. 

Chateau de Loei

Situated just south of the Phu Ruea region and west of Loei, Chateau de Loei is renowned for its delectable red wines.

With its climate mirroring that of the south of France, the region around Chateau de Loei means that the grapes grown on the vineyards here make some of the best red wine in the country.

To get there, you can either take the tourist bus from Chiang Mai to Loei which takes 8 and a half hours and starts at US $32 per person, or you can fly from Bangkok to Loei which is just a one hour flight, but prices start at US $105.

Posted December 31, 2020
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