The high-tech road: How technology simplifies travel planning

Planning your trip can cause a great deal of travel anxiety. Here are four technologies that can help overcome this problem.

Downtown Hong Kong and technology

Natural-born travelers often find it hard to understand why some people choose to avoid world exploration. To them, many of the reasons stated by non-travelers may seem like excuses that are easy to dismiss combined with a few small obstacles to overcome. After all, it is never truly the right (or wrong) time, it really shouldn’t cost too much, and the universe will be just fine while you’re away.

But the truth is, those of us who avoid world travel do so for an entirely different reason, called travel anxiety. Our fear of the unknown just might be powerful enough to convince us to stay in our comfort zone. In fact, research shows that the most stressful part of a trip is the planning stage, which is why so many people give up before even booking their plane ticket.

Luckily for us, that’s where technology comes in. Today’s tech tools help decrease travel anxiety by dissolving many of our worries and turning the great unknown into a more familiar experience. If you’re looking for new ideas to help you enhance the techie side of your trip, here are a few interesting ways in which technology enables aspiring and experienced travelers to make the most out of their adventure by planning ahead.

Been there, reviewed that: User reviews

Woman using her laptop while on vacation

Travelers love to tell everyone all about their trip, and while these stories can sometimes get tedious, there’s a wonderful way of harnessing their desire to share. It’s called travel reviews.

Whether you’re looking to get on the trusted beaten path or discover hidden gems along the way, other travelers’ reviews will help you find your route. We all rely on user reviews and check Yelp, Google, TripAdvisor, and Trustpilot on a regular basis, so the technical part of the task should come rather naturally. 

When planning any kind of trip, use tools that show real and recent experiences by real travelers. We all know that the PR photos of a hotel might look a little different compared to the pictures taken by guests, and the previously beloved business that changed for the worse should receive an updated ranking for the world to see.

In addition to a better dining and accommodation experience, travel reviews will help you learn which malicious methods local pickpockets use, how to protect yourself from tourist traps and how to plan your budget based on current prices. Just don’t forget to contribute your very own reviews and help future visitors!

People who need people: Social networks

Sharing travels on social media

No traveler is an island, and we all know that some of the most epic travel experiences have less to do with the place and everything to do with the company. People who suffer from travel anxiety, especially those who tend to be shy, often worry that they’ll have no one to share their journey with. They could (and should!) use any help they can get to eliminate the chance of a lonely trip.

Today’s technology is all about helping us break down human barriers and meet new people for a variety of purposes, from professional to romantic. When we travel, we are far more open to new interactions, so why not combine both and use the available tech tools to make life even easier? Facebook, Instagram, and even Tinder would be perfect for that. 

Thanks to technology, travelers can use social networking apps and dating sites to meet locals and fellow tourists; they can easily plan their meetings with other travelers later in the trip, and even stay in touch with their loved ones back home. For those eager to plan long in advance, joining specific Facebook groups and contacting other travelers or locals may also help. And the best part? When you go back home to your old routine, you get to keep many of the friends you’ve made along the way and maybe even meet again in the future.

A ticket to ride: Booking platforms

Social media, mobile devices and travel

The fear of getting lost is very real and is a leading cause for travel anxiety. When we plan our trip, it’s not enough to know which places we wish to visit, and we must also understand how to get from A to B. It might be incredibly unpleasant for a traveler, let alone an anxious one, to arrive at the starting point of their trip only to discover that their next destination cannot be reached as planned. In some parts of the world, these issues grow even stronger and travelers find it virtually impossible to create a trustworthy route based on the information available online. 

We know. As a matter of fact, that’s precisely why Bookaway exists. No matter how far or unique the journey you wish to embark on is, you’ll find a stress-free, simple booking experience that makes the idea of traveling the world seem almost too easy. Not only that, but thanks to Bookaway’s vetting system, the suppliers you’ll collaborate with are sure to be reliable.

With advanced booking technologies, travelers are able to create a clear and easy path for themselves and focus on the experience rather than the logistics. Imagine putting all your planning fears and worries aside and only asking the fun questions of travel, like “what should I taste next?” or “where to shop?”

Gone with the wind: Weather forecast tools

Unpredictable weather in the Faroe Islands, Denmark

If you want proof that our global climate is changing, just try planning your trip based on old travel books. You’ll soon find out that the seasons have changed and the weather you should really be expecting is far different than planned.

Weather-focused travel planning is incredibly important because it affects every single part of our trip. From our packing decisions to the chosen activities, each step we take depends on the elements. A monsoon in India or a Super Typhoon hitting the Philippines can ruin an entire trip, especially if you have hiking and tracking plans.

There are certain limitations to what even the more advanced technologies can do in the matter, because we can only predict the weather a few weeks in advance. Still, studying a region’s climate during previous years and generally understanding what can be expected is huge. With leading weather apps available right at our fingertips, planning this crucial side of your trip could not be easier. 

The tech tools listed here are far from covering all travel planning aspects, and each country has its own specific factors to explore and take into consideration. But no matter where you choose to go or why, technology is the best travel partner you could ask for. Combining the powerful nature of mother earth with the innovative tools around us is the secret formula to a well-planned, well-enjoyed trip. 

Posted August 13, 2019
Rotem Taitler
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