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Bangkok nach Phuket

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Es gibt 2 Möglichkeiten, von Bangkok nach Phuket zu kommen.

Ein(e/n) Bus von Bangkok nach Phuket nehmenDauer: 13Std. 30m
Was man vor dem Start wissen sollte

Es gibt 6 Anbieter, die Bangkok mit Phuket verbinden,, mit 16 Abfahrten täglich. Wenn du dich für ein(e) Bus entscheidest, kannst du die VIP 24 Sitze-Optionen wählen.

Beliebteste Beförderungen
Ein(e/n) Flug von Bangkok nach Phuket nehmenDauer: 1Std. 30m
Was man vor dem Start wissen sollte

Es gibt 6 Anbieter, die Bangkok mit Phuket verbinden,, mit 30 Abfahrten täglich. Wenn du dich für ein(e) Flug entscheidest, kannst du die Touristenklasse-Optionen wählen.

Beliebteste Beförderungen

About the journey from Bangkok to Phuket

Departing from the busy hub of Bangkok, the destination of Phuket offers equal measures of relaxation and excitement in a vacation spot loved by locals and travelers alike. As the largest island in Thailand, Phuket has it all. Beaches and national parks are scattered around the island and are great places for resting and nature exploration. The city of Phuket contains bustling markets, colorful buildings, and a friendly mix of people.

The bus journey (838 kilometers or 520 miles) from Bangkok to Phuket is a long trip that will take around 15 hours. And although long, the bus from Bangkok to Phuket is both comfortable and easy. There are several operators traveling between these destinations, and you have the choice between VIP, Tourist, or Standard options. All class options offer similar amenities such as reclining seats and toilet facilities for a comfortable journey. Bus stations in Bangkok are quite central and easy to access, making your departure from the city simple.

Although Phuket is an island, it is connected to mainland Thailand by bridge, making it quite convenient to reach. Once you arrive, the coastline and many beautiful islands are easily accessible, making it the perfect starting point for an island-hopping adventure.


What to see when traveling from Bangkok to Phuket

What you can see when traveling from Bangkok to Phuket depends on the time of day you travel. During daylight hours, you will escape the buzz of traffic and make your way along the coastal highway. Small towns, national parks and sea views are all visible during the journey south. You will also pass some popular destinations along the way including the beach resort city of Hua Hin.

If you decide to take an overnight bus, your journey will most likely begin with a sunset over Bangkok’s skyline. When you leave the city, most of the journey will be dark and peaceful, giving you the chance to get some shut eye. Crossing over into Phuket the following day, you will feel refreshed and enthusiastic to explore the welcoming island culture and refresh yourself before heading to the beach.


How to get from Bangkok to Phuket

Taking a bus 

Traveling by bus from Bangkok to Phuket is a popular option with several choices of operators and classes. Buses depart several times throughout the day from morning to evening so you can leave at the time most convenient to you. You even have the choice of overnight travel if you want to skip paying for accommodation for a night, but there is a lack of official sleeper style buses on this route meaning you may not have fully reclining seats.

However, all bus seats will have some level of recline to make the long journey between Bangkok and Phuket more comfortable. Other comforts include blankets, toilet facilities, and food and water onboard. Air conditioning is also provided but can often be turned up high, so make sure to bring a warm layer with you on board. Buses will make rest stops along the way so you can stretch your legs and buy snacks for the onward journey, which may lengthen the overall travel time.

Most bus companies expect you to arrive at least 30 to 40 minutes before departure and offer a limit of 1 large suitcase and 1 piece of hand luggage onboard. Check before you book if your ticket is refundable, as the policy is different with each operator. Once you arrive in Phuket, the bus terminal is located in a built-up area with easy accessibility to restaurants and shops. You can further explore the island or head to your accommodation by motorcycle, bus or tuk tuk. 


When is the best time of year to visit Bangkok?

The best time of year to visit Bangkok is approximately between December and February due to the likelihood for dry, mild weather and less packed streets. 


When is the best time of year to visit Phuket?

Phuket is best visited between November and April during the dry season when the temperature is at around 75°F to 89°F (24°C to 32°C). The high season sits between these months from December to March but brings a vibrant vibe to the markets and nightlife culture. 

Erfahrungsberichte der Reise von Bangkok nach Phuket

  • P
    It was alright
    We had tree kids with us and it went fine. At 11pm they stopped fore a free meal.
  • A
    Bad exoerience
    The driver was constantly talking on the cell phone while driving. The bus departed late by 90 minutes and there was no one to guide. Very very unprofessional.
  • Y
    Good trip. Would recommend
    The bus is was clean and left on time. Staff were friendly and helpful. The advertisement that the bus doesn’t stop to pick up people on the way is incorrect but that didn’t bother us. Seats were spacious and even have massagers in the seat! Only negative was that the USB chargers didn’t work in any of the seats (we tried multiple) but staff did offer to charge at the front for us. I slept the whole way from Phuket to Bangkok so no complaints!
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Touristenklasse Flug von Nok Airwas für gewöhnlich 1Std. 30m dauert

689 km (Luftlinie)

Touristenklasse Flug von Thai Lion Air ab US$22

Es gibt ungefähr 46 Abfahrten pro Tag.

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