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    All good
    First we were briefed on the order of what to expect. We left siem reap and the driver stopped a couple of times to pick up locals. This leg of the journey was a bit rough as the driver was honking at everything and overtaking at quite a bit of speed all the time. we were dropped off for lunch but didn't say anything about how long or if he was coming back... (don't think he speaks English) and picked up by a different van/driverAfter 15 minutes . Much more calmer at driving (no aggressive honking or weaving through traffic like the last driver... Even when we had 3 occasions when a random cow would run out on the road... Super calm) when we went through the border which was pretty straight forward ('fees are not official but mandatory' this has nothing to do with the bus transport but it is to be expected)... At the end they dropped me close to my accomodation which was great and arrived over an hour early in pakse. So bonus
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항공편Lao Airlines

287 Km (항공)

밴 미니밴 수단 AVT - Asia Van Transfer US$32부터 시작

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씨엠립 목적지 phnom-penh시작: $9
씨엠립 목적지 sihanoukville시작: $16
씨엠립 목적지 bangkok시작: $24
씨엠립 목적지 pakse시작: $32
씨엠립 목적지 kampong-thom-province시작: $61
씨엠립 목적지 kampot시작: $22
씨엠립 목적지 ho-chi-minh-city-saigon시작: $24
씨엠립 목적지 laos-cambodia-border시작: $28
씨엠립 목적지 krong-stung-treng시작: $22
씨엠립 목적지 preah-vihear시작: $13
씨엠립 목적지 kratie시작: $25
씨엠립 목적지 don-det시작: $26
씨엠립 목적지 4000-islands시작: $34
씨엠립 목적지 banlung시작: $28
씨엠립 목적지 koh-chang시작: $260
씨엠립 목적지 pattaya시작: $263
씨엠립 목적지 trat시작: $278
씨엠립 목적지 mondulkiri시작: $22
씨엠립 목적지 battambang시작: $8
씨엠립 목적지 vientiane시작: $61
씨엠립 목적지 luang-prabang시작: $90
씨엠립 목적지 vang-vieng시작: $71
씨엠립 목적지 poi-pet시작: $8
씨엠립 목적지 stung-treng시작: $179
씨엠립 목적지 kampong-cham시작: $97
씨엠립 목적지 krong-bavet시작: $157
씨엠립 목적지 o-smach시작: $73
씨엠립 목적지 siem-reap시작: $18
씨엠립 목적지 koh-rong시작: $42
씨엠립 목적지 koh-kong-krong-khemara-phoumin시작: $26
씨엠립 목적지 phuket시작: $104
씨엠립 목적지 da-nang시작: $103
씨엠립 목적지 hanoi시작: $103
씨엠립 목적지 ha-tien시작: $30
씨엠립 목적지 kep시작: $26
씨엠립 목적지 banteay-meanchey-sisophon시작: $8
씨엠립 목적지 kuala-lumpur시작: $67