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Stations in Napels  

Calata Porta di Massa, 80133 Napoli NA, Italylogo
Pier Immacolatella Vecchia, Molo Immacolatella Vecchia, 1, 80133, NA, Italylogo
Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldilogo
Piazzale Immacolatella Nuovalogo
Piazzale Stazione Marittimalogo
Viale F. Ruffo di Calabrialogo
Piazza Immacolatellalogo
Corso Arnaldo Lucci 152, 80142,Naples ,ITALYlogo
Corso Arnaldo Lucci 152logo
Via Galileo Ferraris, 80142,Naples ,ITALYlogo
80133,Naples ,ITALYlogo
Viale F. Ruffo di Calabria, 80144,Naples ,ITALYlogo
80142,Naples ,ITALYlogo
Ferry Terminal Naples (Molo Immacolatella Vecchia), Naples, Italylogo
Molo Beverello, 11, 80133 Napoli NA, Italylogo
Corso Arnaldo Lucci 154, 80142,Naples ,ITALYlogo
Marina Molo Luise, Molo di Sopraflutto Sannazzaro, Via Mergellina, 80122 Napoli NA, Italylogo
Naples International Airport, Viale F. Ruffo di Calabria, 80144 Napoli NA, Italylogo
Naples, Italylogo
Ferry Terminal Naples (Mergellina), Via Francesco Caracciolo, 11, 80122 Napoli NA, Italylogo
station location

Napels in één oogopslag


Jan - March
Plek die u niet kan missen
Chiostro di San Francesco
Lokale valuta
Goed om te weten
“When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore” may be the tune you’ll be singing non-stop when you get to Naples. The history of the city is enormous and is well loved internationally as a symbol of Italy. The city itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the city center is filled with palaces, castles, cathedrals and piazzas that aren’t to be missed. The stone sculptures that decorate the halls of museums will begin to feel come alive as you explore. It’s impossible to see everything when in Napoli for a short time, but definitely, you will have time for Neapolitan pizza.

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Numerous Italian cities and towns offer public wi-fi hotspots, including Rome, Bologna and Venice. To use them, you will need to register online using a credit card or an Italian mobile number. An easier option (no need for a local mobile number) is to head to a cafe or bar offering free wi-fi. Most hotels, B&Bs, hostels and agriturismi (farm stays) offer free wi-fi to guests, though signal quality can vary. There will sometimes be a computer for guest use.



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