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    Sihanoukville International Airport (KOS)logo
    Virak Buntham Sihanoukville bus stoplogo
    Thero Express Pick Up Sihanoukvillelogo
    Champa Tourist Bus, Phum3 Stlogo
    Champa Mekong - Sihanoukvillelogo
    Giant Ibis - Sihanoukvillelogo
    Mey Hong Transport - Sihanoukvillelogo
    SETA Travel Sihanoukvillelogo
    Giant Ibis Sihanoukvillelogo
    Golden Star Innlogo
    Sorya Bus Stationlogo
    CTT Transport & Tours near the Golden Lions Roundaboutlogo
    Street 107 & Ekareach Street 100logo
    Kamakor St (Larryta Express)logo
    Kamakor Street, opposite Sihanoukville Bus Terminal (Olongpich Express)logo
    Sihanoukville - Any hotellogo
    Bayon VIP Sihanoukvillelogo
    Onederz Hostel Sihanoukvillelogo
    Sihanoukville Branch (Mekong Express)logo
    Serendipity Pierlogo
    Sihanoukville Bus Terminallogo
    Giant Ibis Transport, Krong Preah Sihanouklogo
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    High Point Rope Park
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    Sihanoukville is a Cambodian coastal city, most known for it’s beaches that can only match your idea of what paradise truly is. Other Cambodian cities may feel uncanny with their ancient temples but in Sihanoukville you can just let go and relax. If you love nature, this is a perfect place for you, as the Ream National Park is nearby for a hike. The various islands that surround the coast, the clear water and tropical weather make for great snorkeling adventures. All in all, Sihanoukville is perfect for those travelling through Cambodia who would love to just lay back, relax, and enjoy Cambodian nature.

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