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Are you leaving or arriving to Uyuni?

Stories by travelers, for travelers

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Stations in Uyuni  

Terminal De Buses, Av Colón, Uyuni, Bolivialogo
Trans Salvador S.R.L., 333 Av Bolívar, Uyuni, Bolivialogo
station location

Uyuni at a glance

High season

Dec - Feb
Place you can't miss
El Salar de Uyuni
Local currency
Good to know
When travelling to Uyuni be sure to brace yourself for the otherworldliness that will meet you. What occupies the city’s tourists are the world’s largest salt flats, called the Salar de Uyuni. While Uyuni is often called the gateway city to Chile, the rainy seasons bring the gates of heaven to Earth. The endless horizon of the reflective salt flats, the extreme altitude (12,000 feet above sea level), and the migrating flamingos are enough to attract the thousands that visit every year.

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Uyuni Panasur | Trans Salvador | Trans Titicaca Bolivia | 

Very good access in the major cities/towns (good Skype, no problem), not so good or non.existent in rural areas.

New Year's Day Plurinational State Foundation Day Candlemas Carnival Shrove Tuesday Labour Day Corpus Christi Willkakuti Agrarian Reform Day Independence Day (of Bolivia) All Souls Day Day of the Dead Christmas Day

25.00 Bs.

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