A charming view from within central Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Popular routes in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Podgorica to Sarajevo

4h 30mfrom $22

Sarajevo to Podgorica

4h 30mfrom $22

Split to Mostar

2hfrom $20

Belgrade to Sarajevo

6h 30mfrom $25

Sarajevo to Mostar

2h 25mfrom $11

Mostar to Dubrovnik

3h 15mfrom $22

Sarajevo to Belgrade

6h 30mfrom $25

Kotor to Mostar

4h 40mfrom $26

Sarajevo to Kotor

8h 15mfrom $29

Mostar to Kotor

5h 45mfrom $23

Zagreb to Sarajevo

6h 15mfrom $37

Kotor to Sarajevo

7h 15mfrom $33

Sarajevo to Zagreb

7h 55mfrom $38

Sarajevo to Split

6h 15mfrom $30

Jajce to Graz

7h 27mfrom $44

Banja Luka to Munich

11h 15mfrom $45

Sarajevo to Travnik

1h 45mfrom $8

Budva to Mostar

5h 20mfrom $29

Banja Luka to Prozor

3h 5mfrom $12

Banja Luka to Mannheim

17h 10mfrom $59

Jajce to Sarajevo

3h 30mfrom $21

Brcko to Ulm

15h 40mfrom $51

Sarajevo to Konjic

1h 10mfrom $4

Zagreb to Brcko

4hfrom $34

Kupres to Posusje

1h 20mfrom $7

Munich to Cerik

14hfrom $49

Raseljke to Travnik

1h 55mfrom $12

Dortmund to Srebrenik

1d 3hfrom $104

Omis to Medjugorje

2h 15mfrom $23

Koper to Cerik

8h 15mfrom $23

Makarska to Sarajevo

6h 30mfrom $32

Foca to Sarajevo

1h 30mfrom $6

Dortmund to Doboj

23hfrom $115

Sarajevo to Ljubljana

9h 20mfrom $37

Kupres to Kiseljak

2h 20mfrom $10

Medjugorje to Split

3h 10mfrom $24

Capljina to Kotor

6h 40mfrom $50

Podgradina to Sarajevo

3h 35mfrom $18

Orasje to Dusseldorf

23h 10mfrom $88

Osijek to Bugojno

6h 10mfrom $38

Vitez to Travnik

20mfrom $2

Livno to Kupres

1mfrom $3

Novo Mesto to Sarajevo

11h 8mfrom $26

Neum to Herceg Novi

4h 20mfrom $34

Essen to Srebrenik

1d 2h 5mfrom $102

Frankfurt to Medjugorje

1d 2h 5mfrom $71

Ulm to Zenica

14h 50mfrom $60

Pula to Brcko

9hfrom $71

Livno to Bugojno

50mfrom $4

Sarajevo to Ploce

5h 10mfrom $26

Donji Vakuf to Neum

6h 15mfrom $23

Graz to Brcko

6h 21mfrom $32

Dortmund to Brcko

1d 2hfrom $99

Zvornik to Belgrade

3h 10mfrom $12

Sarajevo to Hamburg

1d 2h 25mfrom $103

Bugojno to Busovaca

1h 40mfrom $6

Ljubljana to Sarajevo

9h 30mfrom $26

Visegrad to Sarajevo

2h 22mfrom $11

Raseljke to Bugojno

1h 15mfrom $8

Medugorje to Jajce

5h 40mfrom $16
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These are the holidays celebrated in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

  • Bosnian Independence Day
  • Christmas
  • Good Friday (Eastern)
  • Labor Day
  • New Year's
  • Orthodox Easter