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Rijeka to Dakovo

5h 55mfrom $36

Augsburg to Dakovo

11h 15mfrom $52

Ulm to Dakovo

12hfrom $51

Sibenik to Dakovo

9h 30mfrom $39

Zagreb to Dakovo

3h 5mfrom $14

Pula to Dakovo

8h 55mfrom $45

Rottweil to Dakovo

15h 30mfrom $88

Munich to Dakovo

10hfrom $61

Zadar to Dakovo

7hfrom $35

Balingen to Dakovo

14h 46mfrom $88

Salzburg to Dakovo

8h 25mfrom $54

Dubrovnik to Dakovo

12h 45mfrom $55

Reutlingen to Dakovo

13h 41mfrom $89

Liezen to Dakovo

6h 55mfrom $52

Schladming to Dakovo

7h 30mfrom $51

Graz to Dakovo

5h 50mfrom $32

Tübingen to Dakovo

14h 6mfrom $86

Trogir to Dakovo

10h 39mfrom $40

Split to Dakovo

11h 10mfrom $42
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Stations in Dakovo  

Ul. Eugena Kvaternika 27, 31400 Dakovo, Republic of Croatia
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Your questions, Our answers

Electricity and socket type

Voltage: 230V, Socket Type: C and F.

Internet accessibility

Internet in Croatia these days is widely available and broadband services are now very commonplace and fast. Wi-Fi available.

Are credit cards accepted across the country?


Mentionable public holidays

New Year's Day | Epiphany | Easter | Easter Monday | Labour Day | Corpus Christi | Anti-Fascist Struggle Day | Statehood Day | Victory Day | Feast of Assumption | Independence Day | All Saints' Day | Christmas Day | Saint Stephen's Day

How much does a local transport ticket cost?

4.00 kn

How much does a dinner at a nice restaurant cost?

125.00 kn

Do I need any vaccinations before I visit Croatia?


Who needs a Visa to enter Croatia?

Afghanistan | Algeria | Bhutan | Burkina Faso | Burundi | Cameroon | Central African Republic | Chad | China | Republic of the Congo | Democratic Republic of the Congo | Equatorial Guinea | Eritrea | Fiji | Ghana | Guyana | Iraq | North Korea | Liberia | Libya | Mali | Namibia | Nauru | Niger | Nigeria | Russia | Yemen | United States | Turkmenistan | Syria | Thailand | Sudan | South Sudan | South Africa