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How to get from
Pula to Zadar

Pula to Zadar Trip Overview

Distance138 km (86.3 miles)
Price range$30-$38
Ride Duration Range4h 45m-10h
Earliest Departure03:15
Latest Departure10:30

The most direct way to get from Pula to Zadar is by taking a ferry. There is just one ferry company that makes the transport so you will want to purchase your tickets well in advance. If you love a historic old town feel with gorgeous views, you’ll enjoy Zadar. You will want to visit some of the ancient cathedrals throughout the city and take advantage of some of the seafood along the coastline. Pack some warm clothes if you travel to Zadar outside of the Summer months.

Travel Schedule Options from Pula to Zadar

Taking a bus from Pula to Zadar

Fastest bus: 6h 50m

Cheapest bus: $34

The fastest: 6h 50m

The cheapest: $34





The fastest: 4h 45m

The cheapest: $30




Pets allowed




A beautiful view from within central Zadar

About the Ride from Pula to Zadar

Getting from Pula to Zadar by Bus

This is a direct bus that is comfortable with everything a passenger will need for their journey. It is the most affordable option for traveling and is a much better option for the environment. Pick-up and drop-off points are from easily accessible central bus stations. Instant confirmation is available upon booking.

Getting from Pula to Zadar by Ferry

This is a direct ferry with instant confirmation available upon booking. If there is poor weather, the ferry may not be able to sail. In turn, passengers will have the option to take the next available ferry or receive a full refund. This is a passenger ferry only and cars are not allowed.
Getting from Pula to Zadar by Flight​

This is a direct flight that is comfortable with everything a passenger will need for their journey. Luggage policy and weight limits can be determined by contacting our support team via Facebook Messenger or via the chatbot.

Must-Visit Destinations in Zadar

Zadar, Croatia boasts must-visit destinations like the Old Town with its Sea Organ and Sun Salutation, St. Anastasia's Cathedral, the Roman Forum, and the Church of St. Donatus. Nature lovers can explore Kornati National Park and take a day trip to Plitvice Lakes National Park. Additionally, the nearby town of Nin offers historical sites and sandy beaches. Zadar offers a perfect blend of history, culture, and natural beauty for visitors to enjoy.

Best Time to Visit Zadar

The best time to visit Zadar, Croatia, is during the spring (April to May) and autumn (September to October) when temperatures are pleasant and crowds are smaller. Summer (June to August) is the peak tourist season with hot weather and crowded attractions, while winter (November to March) offers milder temperatures, fewer tourists, and lower accommodation prices. Choose based on your preference for weather, crowd levels, and activities.

Best Beaches in Zadar

Zadar, Croatia boasts several beautiful beaches, including Kolovare Beach and Borik Beach, which offer amenities like beach bars and water sports facilities. Diklo Beach provides a relaxed atmosphere with clear waters, while the Nin Lagoon is known for its shallow, sandy beaches ideal for families. For a picturesque escape, Sakarun Beach on nearby Dugi Otok is renowned for its turquoise waters and soft white sand. Whether you seek family-friendly shores or stunning natural beauty, Zadar offers a range of beach options to suit every preference.

Best Spots for Diving and Snorkeling in Zadar

Zadar, Croatia offers excellent diving and snorkeling spots. Kornati National Park, with its crystal-clear waters and underwater caves, is a top choice. Ugljan Island and Molat Island provide opportunities to explore rich marine biodiversity, while Sakarun Beach offers snorkeling amidst its pristine waters. Closer to Zadar, the Zadar Channel near islands like Ošljak and Rivanj is also worth exploring. Local diving centers can provide guidance and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Best Food and Drink to Try in Zadar

Zadar, Croatia offers a diverse culinary scene with delicious food and drinks. Don't miss trying the famous maraschino liqueur and Pag cheese. Sample traditional dishes like peka, a slow-cooked meat and vegetable dish, and octopus salad. Indulge in black risotto, pašticada, and Zadar soparnik for authentic local flavors. Exploring the markets and restaurants will provide a rich culinary experience in Zadar.

How to Get a Sim Card in Zadar

To get a SIM card in Zadar, Croatia, choose a mobile networks provider like T-Hrvatski Telekom, A1, or Tele2. Visit a store or authorized retailer with your identification document to register and activate the SIM card. Select a suitable prepaid or postpaid plan, and add credit if necessary. Inquire about coverage, data speeds, and any promotions available. Store staff will guide you through the process and answer your questions.

Best National Parks in Zadar

Although there are no national parks directly in Zadar, there are several exceptional ones nearby. Plitvice Lakes National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, boasts breathtaking lakes and waterfalls. Krka National Park features stunning waterfalls and swimming opportunities, while Paklenica National Park offers karst landscapes and hiking trails. While not easily accessible from Zadar, Kornati National Park is an archipelago of beautiful islands renowned for its clear waters and marine life. These parks provide incredible natural experiences worth exploring.

Tips for Avoiding Crowds in Zadar

To avoid crowds in Zadar, visit popular attractions early in the morning or later in the afternoon and consider exploring off-peak seasons. Venture beyond the city center to discover quieter neighborhoods and hidden gems. Opt for weekdays over weekends, take alternative routes, and plan ahead by researching busy times. Seek local recommendations for lesser-known places to visit. Following these tips will help you enjoy a more peaceful and authentic experience in Zadar.

How to Experience Zadar Nightlife

To experience Zadar's nightlife, visit the bustling bars and clubs in the Old Town and along Kalelarga street. Enjoy live music performances and concerts at venues like The Garden Lounge and Room 7. Explore the city's vibrant bar scene and try popular spots such as The Arsenal and Barcode. Attend special events and festivals, and consider taking a nighttime boat ride for a unique perspective of the city. Remember to follow local regulations and have a fun-filled and safe night out in Zadar.

Safety Tips While Traveling in Croatia

According to the UK government, crime rates in Croatia are low. In general, when traveling it is important to keep valuables safe and be cautious of pickpockets. Use caution when swimming and be mindful of currents and changing weather conditions. Drink responsibly and be aware of your surroundings, especially when in crowded or unfamiliar areas. Use caution when driving, as roads can be narrow and winding. Respect local customs and laws, and use common sense to stay safe and enjoy your trip.

Covid-19 Restrictions in Croatia

According to the UK government, there are currently no travel restrictions for Croatia. ​It is important to note that COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines are subject to change and vary by country. Before traveling to a new destination, it is recommended that you check the most up-to-date information on COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines for that specific country, as well as any entry requirements such as vaccination or negative test results. It is also important to follow local guidelines and practices to ensure your safety and the safety of others while traveling during the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Companies Operating from Pula to Zadar

Average time

4h 45m

Average price



Average time

6h 50m

Average price


Average time

8h 23m - 10h

Average price

$34 - $35

Average time

6h 50m

Average price

$34 - $35

Popular stations and stops in Pula and Zadar

Departure stations in Pula

Pula Ferry Terminal

Pula (PUY)

Pula Bus Station

Arrival stations in Zadar

Zadar Ferry Terminal

Zadar (ZAD)

Zadar Bus Terminal

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