A beautiful view from within central Sharm El Sheikh-mobile

How to get from
Alexandria to Sharm El Sheikh

Alexandria to Sharm El Sheikh Trip Overview

Distance559 km (349.4 miles)
Price range$11-$22
Ride Duration9h
Earliest Departure20:00
Latest Departure22:00

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Travel Schedule Options from Alexandria to Sharm El Sheikh

Taking a bus from Alexandria to Sharm El Sheikh

Fastest bus: 9h

Cheapest bus: $11

The fastest: 9h

The cheapest: $11







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A beautiful view from within central Sharm El Sheikh

About the journey from Alexandria to Sharm el Sheikh

Famous for its ancient lighthouse, location on the Mediterranean Coast, and its ancient and modern libraries, Alexandria is a vital piece of any Egyptian travel itinerary. The Greeks and the Romans thought so, too, and you can find plenty of their works scattered around town.


Yet there is more to Egypt than ancient buildings and stuffy museums. Out at the tip of the Sinai Peninsula is an area of stark desert beauty fronted by the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea. The gateway to these jewels, both above and below the waterline, is the tourist resort town of Sharm el Sheikh.


Sharm el Sheikh — Sharm for short — has everything you'd want from a beach destination. With lots of sunshine, modern luxury hotels, and some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world, Sharm has earned its reputation as an exotic yet affordable resort town that deserves a visit.


To get there will require either a pricey flight or an overnight drive (8.5-9 hours). But once you take in the gorgeous setting, any fatigue from your journey will quickly melt away.


Top things to do in Sharm el Sheikh


With decades of serving sun-seekers and divers alike, Sharm has plenty to offer visitors from across the spectrum. Here are some of the top things to see while in Sharm el Sheikh:


  1. Beach days at Naama Bay: Whether it's splashing in the turquoise water, walking the pedestrian-only promenade, or just lying in the soft sand, Naama Bay is the place to be. Home to many luxury and mid-range resorts and backed by the hazy backdrop of mountains in the distance, you will have your choice of cafes, shops and places to set down your towel.

  1. Get down (under the water) at Ras Mohammed National Park: This peninsula of pristine desert is fronted by some of the best reefs in the world and was what originally put Sharm on the international tourist map.

    Easily accessible from town, you can spend the day exploring some of the most amazing dive and snorkel sites on the planet. And if you're a hardcore diver, book a tour to Sinai's most famous wreck — the Thistlegorm.

  2. Make a pilgrimage to Mount Sinai: Sharm el Sheikh is within an easy day trip of St. Catherine's Monastery — a historic building that houses a museum and library at the base of Mount Sinai of Biblical fame. You can visit just the monastery, or if you're up for it, retrace Moses' steps to the top on an overnight hike.

    You don't have to be a believer to enjoy the sunrise unfolding across the wilderness. But you will need a fitness level to make the journey up and back across several hours of climbing stairs.


  1. Shop like a local in Sharm Old Market: Haggling is expected in Sharm's bazaar, where you can search and negotiate great deals on local handicrafts. It's also a great place to try authentic local cuisine. Try visiting late in the day or early evening for more comfortable temperatures and a festive atmosphere. 


What to expect when traveling from Alexandria to Sharm el Sheikh


Unless you take a flight, you will have to prepare for a long, overnight bus or minivan ride between the two cities. The average travel time is about nine hours of driving.


Chances are, your ride will leave in the evening, so you won't see much as you circle the outskirts of the Cairo metropolitan area and eventually cross the famous Suez Canal. 


From there, you will make your way down the rugged western shore of the Sinai Peninsula until the early hours of dawn. Once you round the curve at the peninsula's tip, you're getting close to the modern town of Sharm el Sheikh.  

How to get from Alexandria to Sharm el Sheikh


A flight is the quickest way to travel from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea. It's also the most expensive option.


Overland travel from Alexandria to Sharm el Sheikh is primarily done by bus and minivan. Your choices won't vary much in terms of amenities. Mostly, it comes down to the time and frequency of their departures.


Here's a breakdown of the options:




If you opt for a flight, you will save about seven hours of travel time. Sure, it's more expensive, but what's that extra time worth to you?


Flights out of Alexandria depart from Borg El Arab International Airport (IATA code: HBE) and arrive at Sharm El Sheikh International Airport (IATA code: SSH).


While it is possible to get a direct flight, there aren't many. Be careful not to waste whatever time you save by flying if you have to connect through another airport. Plan wisely!




Taking an overnight bus from Alexandria to Sharm el Sheikh is an economical option, starting at around $12. 


Your driver will make several stops along the way to allow you to stretch your legs and use the facilities.


Buses are usually comfortable, with A/C, TVs and even toilets on board. It's always a good idea to bring a light jacket or hoodie just in case the air conditioning is on full blast.


Buses will arrive and depart from a prearranged location — usually the operator's offices. 


Passengers are generally allowed one large piece of luggage included in the price.




Air-conditioned minivan service also runs overnight and costs around $12. The total travel time is around 8.5 hours, depending on the number of stops. 


Passengers can take one large bag (up to 20 kg) and a handbag. Additional luggage can be bought for a nominal fee.


Pickup will be from the operator's pre-selected location in Alexandria, with drop-off usually directly at your hotel.


When is the best time of year to visit Sharm El Sheikh?


Calculating the best time of year to visit Sharm El Sheikh depends on what you hope to do once you're there. 


If you've come looking to sample the incredible diving and snorkeling sites, March through mid-May are a good fit. The same goes for October through mid-November. Temperatures will be in the mid-20s C (mid-70s F) without being overly hot or humid.


Summer can get hot (think highs around 33°C/91°F), but you're guaranteed many sunny days for your time at the beach. 


Winter is generally more comfortable for touring, and you can still go for a dip. However, the cooler temperatures might not make that as appealing as other times of the year.


How much time do I need in Sharm El Sheikh?


If you've just spent the night on a bus or minivan to get here, you owe it to yourself to take at least three days to laze on the beach, snorkel a reef or two, and do a little shopping. 


If you're a dedicated diver, you should allot at least a week to hit the major reefs and wrecks that made Sharm El Sheikh so famous. Don't forget to leave yourself at least a day to off-gas if you're flying directly home from Sharm. 

Companies Operating from Alexandria to Sharm El Sheikh

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Popular stations and stops in Alexandria and Sharm El Sheikh

Departure stations in Alexandria

McDonald's Semouha

Super Jet Moharam Bek Station

Alexandria Moharam Bek


Arrival stations in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh - Any hotel

Super Jet Ruwaisat Station

Sharm El Sheikh Bus Station

Go Bus Watania

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