A beautiful view from within central Siwa-mobile

How to get from
Cairo to Siwa

Cairo to Siwa Trip Overview

Distance560 km (350.0 miles)
Price range$17-$308
Ride Duration Range8h 10m-8h 50m
Earliest Departure21:00
Latest Departure23:00

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Travel Schedule Options from Cairo to Siwa

Taking a minivan from Cairo to Siwa

Fastest minivan: 8h 50m

Cheapest minivan: $17

The fastest: 8h 50m

The cheapest: $17




The fastest: 8h 10m

The cheapest: $184



A beautiful view from within central Siwa

About the journey from Cairo to Siwa

With the pyramids in its backyard and the Nile River flowing through, few cities on earth are as exotic as Cairo. 

With ancient monuments, huge mosques, and the combined energy of millions of people, it is a gateway to both history and Egyptian culture. But beyond the pyramids lies another Egypt — one far beyond the murky waters of the Nile. 

This, of course, is Siwa

Thanks to social media and a steady stream of international travelers, Siwa Oasis is now a fixture on the Egyptian tourist scene. 

Travelers come to see its lush landscape of green palms, natural springs, and colorful salt mining pools. Plus, the lure of a legit desert adventure draws its fair share of travelers willing to go literally into the middle of nowhere.

The trip from Cairo to Siwa will take you through cities, coastlines, and hundreds of miles of stark desert. Even though the trip is quite long, the payoff is an authentic journey to an authentic destination. 

Anyone who can appreciate the value of seeing what lies in those blank spots on the map will no doubt agree.


Unmissable things to do in Siwa

With a nomadic heritage and a history influenced by the world’s most powerful empires, this town offers travelers a flavor hard to find anywhere else. Here are some top things to see and do in Siwa:

  • Climb the Shali Fortress. A crumbling cluster of mud-brick houses, Shali Fortress looks like something right out of a Sci-Fi movie. From here, you can get great views of the town and explore a maze of ancient buildings. This site is so photogenic you’ll risk burning through your phone’s storage on just one visit.

  • Make a splash in the desert in a natural spring. Siwa has several natural springs, and Fatnas Spring is the most scenic. It may be well outside of town, but if you’ve come this far, there’s no reason not to go a little farther. Where else can you have the unique experience of splashing around in the desert? And while you’re out there, take a guided desert tour to see the massive dunes of the Sahara up close.

  • Catch a sunset at Lake Siwa. Whether sipping tea or just standing at the shore, watching the sunset over massive Lake Siwa will make you question whether you’re actually in the desert at all. And if you really want to be in the middle of the action, rent a paddle boat to watch it from atop the lake.

  • Take a dip in a salt mining pool. Floating in the insanely buoyant waters of a salt mining pool is by far the most classic experience to be had in Siwa. The colors are so vivid that they look Photoshopped, especially when contrasted with the sandy backdrop of the desert. If you do only one thing in Siwa, you won’t want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity.

What you can expect to see when traveling from Cairo to Siwa

You should know upfront that any land transfer between Cairo and Siwa Oasis will take a long time. We’re talking somewhere between 8-12 hours, depending on your choice of transport. Most trips are scheduled overnight, so, in theory, you could catch some sleep and be in Siwa when you wake up.

Buses will make occasional stops at different points along the route. This will allow you to stretch your legs, purchase a snack, and use the somewhat sketchy on-site restrooms, where cleanliness isn’t always top-notch. 

Most buses will also have a toilet on board, so whether or not you wish to make use of this opportunity is up to you.

The route will take you from the congested streets of Cairo up through Alexandria and then along the coast of the Mediterranean. World War II buffs will recognize several place names — such as El Alamein — on the way to Mersa Matruh. This is where the road turns inland, and your voyage into the desert gets real.

After hours of watching the barren, sun-baked landscape scroll by, you’ll probably feel like Dorothy when she went from Kansas into Oz when you arrive in Siwa. Between the trees, greenery, and signs of civilization, it will be hard to imagine that this literal oasis exists in such a barren landscape. 

How to get from Cairo to Siwa

Your options for traveling between Cairo and Siwa, one of the most remote parts of the country, come down to taking a bus, a shared minivan, or a private car. 

Here is a rundown of the choices:

Taking a bus 

Buses usually take longer than the other options and make several stops along the 567-kilometer (354-mile) journey. 

You have the choice between comfort and economy tickets. Either way, you’re guaranteed a seat on the bus and use of whatever amenities are offered for that specific fare. Economy buses usually offer AC, while comfort buses have charging stations and restrooms on board.

Trips are most frequently done overnight and are between 9 to 12 hours. 

Buses leave Cairo in the evening and do not arrive in Siwa until early the following morning. 

While you’ll no doubt appreciate that the buses are air-conditioned, sometimes they can be a little too air-conditioned. It’s a good idea to keep a hoodie or light jacket handy. 

Of the available choices, buses are the least expensive way to get to Siwa from Cairo. If the longer travel time doesn’t bother you, this is the most budget-friendly option.

Taking a minivan

Shuttle vans travel a bit faster than buses (nine hours) with the option of more personalization. 

Operators vary, but you will be allowed at least one large bag (20 kg) and a carry-on per passenger. Check with the individual operators to see which features their vehicle might have. In most cases, this means things like AC or charging stations, but that again depends on the company.

Taking a car

If you have the cash to splurge, hiring a private car gives you greater control over your journey. This will also cut the trip down to about eight hours on average. 

Naturally, this is also the priciest option.

Where do I catch the bus from Cairo to Siwa?

Buses departing Cairo for Siwa leave from several bus stations, depending on the operator. Among these are Nasr City Station and Abd Al Moneim Riad Station. 

Minivans and private cars offer several more pick-up points around the city, including your hotel.

Where does the bus arrive in Siwa?

While your departure point in Cairo may vary, there’s only one bus station in Siwa. 

You can go right to your hotel if you’re in a minivan or private car.

When is the best time of year to visit Siwa?

The best time to visit Siwa is during the spring and fall when the temperatures are perfect for touring. The highs range from 25°C (77°F) in March and November to 30°C (86°F) in April and October. 

Summers can easily top 38°C (100°F), and the sun will be intense. This may be good for taking a dip but a bit stifling for everything else.

Considering this is a desert, you can expect the air and forecast to be very, very dry.

How much time do I need in Siwa?

Since you’ve already committed to nearly a half day’s journey to get there, you’ll need at least three nights in Siwa to make it worth the trip. With all there is to see and do, you could easily extend it to a week without regrets.

Companies Operating from Cairo to Siwa

Average time

8h 10m

Average price



Average time

8h 50m

Average price



Average time

8h 15m

Average price


Popular stations and stops in Cairo and Siwa

Departure stations in Cairo

Abd Al Moneim Riad Station

Siwa Bus Nasr City Station

Cairo - Any hotel

Abd El Moneim Riad Bus Stop

Emirates Embassy Bus Stop

Arrival stations in Siwa

Siwa Bus Station

Siwa - Any hotel

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