A captivating backdrop of central Essen

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Kropyvnytskyi to Essen

2d 2h 30mfrom $108

Wroclaw to Essen

12h 30mfrom $63

Zagreb to Essen

19h 55mfrom $119

Lviv to Essen

22h 45mfrom $81

Sarajevo to Essen

1d 2h 50mfrom $119

Brcko to Essen

1d 1h 5mfrom $101

Paris to Essen

9h 30mfrom $26

Kiev to Essen

1d 5h 55mfrom $94

Zhytomyr to Essen

1d 4h 15mfrom $115

Stuttgart to Essen

20h 30mfrom $52

Jajce to Essen

1d 2h 25mfrom $113

Novohrad Volynskyi to Essen

1d 3h 25mfrom $115

Kakanj to Essen

1d 2h 10mfrom $119

Srebrenik to Essen

1d 1h 50mfrom $101

Rivne to Essen

1d 1h 45mfrom $89

Kupres to Essen

1d 3h 55mfrom $119

Zenica to Essen

1d 1h 40mfrom $119

Tuzla to Essen

1d 2h 20mfrom $100

Maribor to Essen

17h 55mfrom $76

Istanbul to Essen

3h 10mfrom $93

Frankfurt to Essen

1h 51mfrom $51
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