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1 way to get from Delhi to Haridwar

Taking a Bus from Delhi to HaridwarDuration: 7h 30m
Know before you go

There are a few buses which depart from Delhi and make an almost 8 hour journey to Haridwar. Buses are usually quite simple: reclining seats, chargers on board, and knowledgeable drivers. There are also cabins with sleeping berths available for booking. This is a novel way to travel, one which will allow you to doze off for a short while. Keep in mind that it's a pretty narrow berth which closes off from the general cabin with a small curtain.

  • Pros
    • Luggage allowance
    • Overnight accommodation replacement
    • Makes bathroom stops
    • Affordable ticket price
  • Cons
    • Mostly non refundable
    • No bathroom on board
    • No return journeys available
    • Not super comfortable sleeping berths (bring a neck pillow)
    • Possibly bumpy ride
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Bookaway's customers prefer Sleeping Bus by Blue World Tourist

Sleeping Bus by Blue World Touristwhich usually takes 7h 30m

BUSBlue World Tourist

174 Km (Air)

Tourist Bus by Blue World Tourist starting at US$6

Approximately, there are 2 departures each day.