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Stations in Bima  

Sultan Muhammad Salahuddin Airport, Jalan Sumbawa, Belo, Palibelo, Belo, Palibelo, Bima, Nusa Tenggara Bar. 84173, Indonesia

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Electricity and socket type

Voltage: 230V, Socket Type: C and F.

Internet accessibility

Indonesia is increasingly wired, although connection speeds vary widely depending on where you are in the archipelago. Wi-fi (pronounced 'wee-fee' in Indonesia) is commonly available for free in hotels, hostels and guesthouses now, although it doesn't always work in rural areas. Many cafes and restaurants in tourist areas offer free wi-fi. Data through your smartphone is often the fastest way to connect to the internet; 4G service is spreading in Indonesia, although download speeds remain slow compared to other countries.

Are credit cards accepted across the country?

Visa and Mastercard are most widely accepted in Indonesia, but credit and debit cards are mainly only used in bigger cities and tourist hotspots like Jakarta and Bali.

Mentionable public holidays

New Year's Day | Chinese New Year | Prophet's Ascension | Good Friday | Labour Day | Vesak | Ascension Day | Pancasila Day | Cuti bersama | Lebaran (in Indonesia) | Cuti bersama | Eid al-Adha | Independence Day | Islamic New Year | Mawlid | Cuti bersama | Christmas Day

How much does a local transport ticket cost?

3,750 Rp

How much does a dinner at a nice restaurant cost?

150,000 Rp

Do I need any vaccinations before I visit indonesia?


Who needs a Visa to enter Indonesia?

Afghanistan | Cameroon | Guinea | Israel | Liberia | Nigeria | North Korea | Somalia