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Stories by travelers, for travelers

Bookaway`s updates on the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The coronavirus is a novel disease spreading through the world and through the media spheres. Get updates & more info on prevention and Bookaway bookings here.

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The ultimate guide to transportation in the Amalfi Coast

”Should I rent a car?– ”Are there local buses available?– ”Should I invest in a private transfer?– We have the answers to all your burning questions here.

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Planning a day trip from Cebu to Bohol

A treasure trove of offbeat experiences, Bohol island in the Philippines makes for a perfect day trip destination from the neighboring Cebu island.

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Amalfi at a glance

High season

June - Aug
Place you can't miss
Villa Rufolo
Local currency
Good to know
Amalfi sits close to the toe of Italy’s boot; a place where even Italians go to vacation. The rustic town sits on an alluring beach. You can walk along the marina, or take a cycling tour around the Renaissance-era buildings and cathedrals. Amalfi is a place to take your time to enjoy the Limoncello, which is a drink made from local lemons. Take a short ferry ride out of Amalfi to see the natural beauty of the Emerald Grotto, a fresh water cave with bright green water. Tourist season starts at Easter in Amalfi, but the best month to visit the perfect beach town would be in May.

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Numerous Italian cities and towns offer public wi-fi hotspots, including Rome, Bologna and Venice. To use them, you will need to register online using a credit card or an Italian mobile number. An easier option (no need for a local mobile number) is to head to a cafe or bar offering free wi-fi. Most hotels, B&Bs, hostels and agriturismi (farm stays) offer free wi-fi to guests, though signal quality can vary. There will sometimes be a computer for guest use.



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