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Luang Prabang at a glance

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Dec - Feb
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Phousi Hill
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Luang Prabang is in the very center of the landlocked country of Laos, whose shape on the map resembles a flower. Luang Prabang is truly a flower of a city in South Asia, with hundreds of ancient sites to explore. Within the center of the city, explore the Buddhist temples and observe monks on their daily prayers or excursions. Be surprised at the delicious uniqueness of Lao cuisine, which is a combination of local gastronomy and colonialist influence. Take in the grand Luang Prabang nature with the Elephant sanctuary, the Kuang Si waterfall, or the Pak Ou caves. Luang Prabang is out there, and is waiting to amaze you.

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Is there a flexible cancellation policy?
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Top reviews

Driver drove like crazy. Not
Driver drove like crazy. Not a safe ride
Private transfer
Far more comfortable than a shared van
A beautiful trip
A good trip made by a new and confrotable mini-van. Fantastic the surround and not to long the tip, just 4 hours. On time pick up and departures
Good punctual service
A van pickup arrived 20 minutes early. The diver did not speak good English but he was friendly and helpful. The service was exactly as I expected and I would book with them again
okay, but
driver is answering call when driving. in opinion is that a no go when you transport persons
Drivers could drive prudently
Since the road are horrible the drivers could drive more careful.
Bumpy AF
Picked up by songtaew, it was 8degrees, a freezing ride to pick up people. Loaded up van, and we were off. It's windy and bumpy. There were lots of truck accidents, driver was ok. The scenes are beautiful.