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3 way to get from Cancun to Tulum

Taking a Bus from Cancun to Tulum
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There are 3 operators that run from Cancun to Tulum. If you decide to take a Bus, you can take the First Class, Economy, and Standard option.

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Taking a Minivan from Cancun to Tulum
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There are 10 operators that run from Cancun to Tulum. If you decide to take a Minivan, you can take the Standard, Shuttle, Comfort, and Tourist option.

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Taking a Car from Cancun to Tulum
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There are 5 operators that run from Cancun to Tulum. If you decide to take a Car, you can take the Comfort, SUV, and Standard option.

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About the ride from Cancun to Tulum


Fancy heading south along the Yucatan Peninsula's Caribbean highway? This is one of Mexico's most famous tourist trails and an ideal option if you're looking to explore. From ancient Mayan ruins to beautiful white sand beaches, right here's where your quest begins.

It's only a 125 kilometer (77 miles) distance from Cancun to Tulum, and you can get there in less than two hours. This is good news for day-trippers or anyone looking to spend more time on the beach and less time cooped up in air-conditioned transport.

It’s a tried and tested route, so don’t expect to feel like some kind of pioneer. Best advice is to pack your swimmers, towel and shades because this ride is all about cruise control, maybe with a few magnificent Mayan ruins thrown in for good measure.

The only ways to travel from Cancun to Tulum are by bus, car or minivan. There are a zillion departures per day, so if one mode of transport is full, you can jump on another. Due to the close proximity of both towns, day trips are very popular – it's a fun day out!

With bus prices starting at US$11, buses are the way to go for budget travelers.

Minivans give you more comfort when compared to a tourist bus. However, they’re also more expensive, with seat prices starting from US$27 per passenger. Minivans are air-conditioned, Wifi accessible and also include an English-speaking driver.

Booking a private SUV or car is the best way to travel from Cancun to Tulum as a family. You get your own driver, and the ride will be super comfortable. SUVs can take a maximum of six passengers, whereas other cars only take a maximum of two. Nice for honeymooners.

Prices start at US$106 for the whole car, US$164 for an SUV. This actually works out quite well if you're in a small group of five people traveling together. All vehicles are air-conditioned and will make stops for bathroom breaks if needed.


What to see when traveling from Cancun to Tulum

The drive from Cancun to Tulum is very scenic, with plenty of opportunities to gaze wistfully out at the warm blue hues of the Caribbean. Although the driving time is under two hours, you can still expect to see plenty of sun, sea and soft white sand along the way.

You'll also get to see lots of the smaller seaside towns and villages that decorate Mexico's northeast coast. Puerto Morelos and Puerto Aventuras are just a few communities to keep an eye out for and maybe mark on your map for future travels.

Much of Mexico's Caribbean coast is dotted with marinas and safe havens for superyachts. The views are endless.


How to get from Cancun to Tulum


Taking a bus from Cancun to Tulum 

For budget travelers, the best mode of transport from Cancun to Tulum is a bus. Shuttle buses are run by two service providers:  Ado and Autobuses Unidos, and there are approximately 13 departures every day. Most buses can make the trip in under two hours. 

There are two types of buses making this route: Standard and Economy. 

Economy seat prices start from US$11, and all buses have air-conditioning and reclining seats. 

Standard buses have washrooms, and prices start at US$22. However, it’s not far to travel, so bathroom breaks aren't usually needed.

All the buses are clean, comfortable and sociable. There's just enough time to watch the Caribbean pass by your window and maybe listen to some sunshine tunes along the way.

The Cancun to Tulum bus is always full of fellow travelers. Although many passengers will be day-trippers, there might still be a few wise backpackers itching to tell you all about their travels.


Taking a minivan from Cancun to Tulum

Minivans are also a really good option if you’re traveling with a small group of friends or family or taking a day trip from Cancun to Tulum. 

Alternatively, if you’re traveling on your own or as a couple, you can book a seat on a minibus and share the ride. Prices per person range from US$27 to US$33. Minivan departures are frequent, so you won't have to wait as you do with the bus schedule.

Minivans are modern, air-conditioned and super stylish. Although more expensive than a bus ride, you’ll have much more privacy and flexibility. Plus, hotel pick-ups are the norm. And you get your own driver and a really comfortable ride. 

You might even get the same driver for the return leg of the journey – don’t forget to buy them a souvenir!


Taking a private car from Cancun to Tulum 

Private cars are the best way to travel if you're looking for privacy, style and speed. It's a great ride for families or for small groups of friends. Cars, and SUVs in particular, can easily accommodate anything from two to six passengers.

However, it can be a fairly expensive transport option, especially if there are only two of you. You're looking at anything from US$106 to hire a car and US$164 for an SUV. Those prices make better sense if you're a group, so you can split the cost amongst everyone traveling.  

There isn't currently a direct ferry from Cancun to Tulum; however, watch this space to see if there is in the future – you never know!

If you're going on a day trip and don't want to wait around for the bus schedule, take a car. 

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