A charming view from within central Moldova

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Popular routes in Moldova

Chisinau to Bucharest

7h 20mfrom $17

Prague to Tiraspol

1d 35mfrom $79

Prague to Balti

1dfrom $79

Chisinau to Cluj Napoca

11h 30mfrom $34

Prague to Orhei

23hfrom $79

Iasi to Chisinau

2h 45mfrom $16

Orhei to Brno

1d 3hfrom $79

Kiev to Chisinau

12h 10mfrom $21

Chisinau to Bacau

5h 20mfrom $17

Brno to Bender

22hfrom $79

Chisinau to Dublin

4h 10mfrom $153

Orhei to Prague

1d 4h 30mfrom $79

Chisinau to Iasi

3hfrom $17

Balti to Prague

1d 5h 30mfrom $79

Chisinau to Prague

1d 1hfrom $79

Timisoara to Chisinau

12h 30mfrom $45

Luton to Chisinau

3h 15mfrom $166

Chisinau to Yerevan

2h 40mfrom $170

Balti to Brno

1d 4hfrom $79

Odessa to Chisinau

3h 40mfrom $24

Kyiv to Chisinau

12h 10mfrom $24

Bender to Brno

1d 3h 45mfrom $80

Prague to Chisinau

22h 30mfrom $79

Tiraspol to Prague

1d 5h 30mfrom $80

Bacau to Chisinau

5h 15mfrom $19

Brno to Orhei

20h 30mfrom $79

Yerevan to Chisinau

2h 40mfrom $166

Chisinau to Odessa

3h 55mfrom $24

Brno to Balti

21h 30mfrom $79

Chisinau to Kiev

11h 5mfrom $21

Chisinau to Kyiv

11h 30mfrom $25
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