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Casablanca to Fes Trip Overview

Distance243 km (151.9 miles)
Price range$10-$291
Ride Duration Range1h 10m-5h 45m
Earliest Departure23:00
Latest Departure23:00

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Travel Schedule Options from Casablanca to Fes

Taking a bus from Casablanca to Fes

Fastest bus: 3h 30m

Cheapest bus: $10

The fastest: 3h 30m

The cheapest: $10






Reclining Seats

The fastest: 4h

The cheapest: $19






The fastest: 3h

The cheapest: $56



English Speaking Staff




Reclining Seats


The fastest: 3h 30m

The cheapest: $195



The fastest: 1h 10m

The cheapest: $100

The available amenities for this trip are currently unavailable. For specific questions, please contact our customer service, available 24/7.

A beautiful view from within central Fes

About the ride from Casablanca to Fes

Visiting Fes is an unforgettable delight for anyone visiting this oft-missed gem of Morocco. 

Leave Morocco's largest city behind and sink into the slower, more leisurely pace of life enjoyed in the "cultural and spiritual center" of the country.

The journey between these two cities can take anywhere from one hour to nearly six to complete, depending on your chosen mode of transport. 

Whether you hop on a flight, take a train, or drive the 295-kilometer (183 miles), you'll be ready to dive deep into the vibrant city of Fes within moments of arriving. 

Is Fes nicer than Marrakesh?

Marrakesh is an epic destination, but Fes is significantly less touristy, with fewer visitors crowding the streets. 

Located in the north of Morocco, northwest of the Atlas Mountains, Fes is a city of traditions with something to explore for every traveler's taste.

Originally built by the first Muslim dynasty, the Idrissids, alongside the Fes River, the destination is a must-visit for anyone eager to experience the quieter side of Morocco. 

Famed for being a city surrounded by hills with an old maze-like medina, you'll marvel at the fusion of Andalusian and African architecture that blends in perfect harmony, connecting with locals and sampling delicious local cuisine. 

Seven unforgettable things to do in Fes

As one of the most ancient cities in the country, Fes is home to an endless stream of attractions and excellent cuisine. Keep these top attractions in mind: 

  1. Explore the 9th-century medina. This UNESCO World Heritage Site of Fes is encased by the oldest walled part of the city. It's also one of the world's largest car-free zones and one of the best-preserved medinas in the Arab world. Famous for its winding alleyways, it's easy to get lost exploring its twists and turns, but that's half the fun.

  2. Visit the Chouara Tannery. It is close to 1000 years old and the oldest in Morocco. This fascinating attraction is a great way to spend an afternoon, get a break from the searing sun, and learn about a small piece of Morocco's history and working culture.

  3. Watch the sunset at the Merenid Tombs. These giant tombs sit atop a hill beside Fes, but their true purpose remains a mystery. While legend says they house official documents, people have yet to learn for sure. Whatever their purpose, visiting is a great excuse to watch an epic sunset over the sprawling city.

  4. Book a day trip to the pilgrimage town of Moulay Idriss. Considered the holiest place in the country, few people visit this fascinating destination. Explore the area and visit the Sentissi Mosque, home to Morocco's only cylindrical minaret.

  5. Meander the Fes Mellah, the Jewish quarter. This beautifully preserved walled quarter, with its gold market — the first of its kind in Morocco — is known for its beautiful architecture, vastly different from other areas of the city.

  6. Wander around Ville Nouvelle. European influences dominate the neighborhood, which is home to delectable fusion cuisine. Spend the late afternoon exploring its hidden corners before sampling some sumptuous dishes for dinner.

  7. Visit the University of Al Quaraouiyine. It's the oldest educational institution in the world and is recognized by Guinness World Records. It's worth visiting just to marvel at the kaleidoscopic patterns decorating its walls.

How do I get from Casablanca to Fes?

To travel between Casablanca and Fes, take a train or flight, ride the bus, or drive in a minivan or car.

By train

Traveling between Casablanca and Fes by train is straightforward. All trains in the country are operated by ONCF Voyages, Morocco's state-owned national railway operator. 

The most convenient way to make this journey is to take the train. You'll leave from the Casablanca Train Station in the heart of the city and arrive in the center of Fes at Tanger Ville Train Station. 

The journey takes approximately four hours with numerous daily departures. 

There are two class options for this journey. First-class seating offers extra comfort and a bargain price, so it's worth paying for it unless you're on a tight budget. 

First-class carriages include:



Luggage storage 

WiFi — although this isn't always reliable 

Extra legroom 

A comfortable seat with a table

Access to charger points

Pro tip: Stock up on snacks. Sharing food with fellow passengers is typical, particularly on long journeys. Plus, it's a great way to make friends with locals. 

Second-class carriages include:



Luggage storage 

Pro tip: Bring a portable charger when traveling in second class because they rarely have charger points. 

By flight

The quickest way to travel between Casablanca and Fes is to take a short flight.

The journey will take 1 hour and 10 minutes. However, taking the train may be more convenient and cheaper when you factor in the travel time to and from the airport, plus waiting and checking-in time. 

You'll depart from Casablanca Airport and arrive at Fès–Saïss Airport. 

By bus

Taking the bus is one of the cheapest ways to get from Casablanca to Fes. 

The journey will take four to six hours after factoring in traffic delays and additional stops. 

The driver will stop at least once for a rest break, but confirm with the service provider to ensure your bladder can survive the journey!

Station departures depend on which company you choose. Check your ticket carefully. The drop-off point will also vary depending on the service you select. 

There are two types of buses available to book: comfort buses and standard buses. 

Standard buses have more seats, meaning less legroom, whereas comfort buses have more legroom and larger seats, hence the name. 

Both classes of buses include:


Rest stops 

Luggage storage

By minivan or private car 

Booking a private or shared minivan or car transfer is a convenient way to travel between Casablanca and Fes.

You can also buy a ticket for a single seat in a shared minivan to save money and meet friends along the way.

Several minivan transfer options require a minimum of three passengers.

Possible minivan amenities include:

Air conditioning 

WiFi, but this may be intermittent and subject to availability 

Reclining seats


USB charger


English speaking staff

Able to take two bags per passenger (you can pay the driver directly for additional luggage) 

Pick up and drop off at any hotel in Casablanca and Fes

Private car amenities:

Air conditioning 

English speaking staff

Able to take one bag per passenger 

Pick up and drop off at any hotel in Casablanca and Fes

All vehicles will stop at rest stops along the way for comfort breaks. 

The best things about the ride to Fes

The ride to Fes from Casablanca is the most exciting at the start of the journey because you'll drive along the coast overlooking the North Atlantic Sea. 

Look out for the coastal views at the start and then nap to pass the rest of the time. You won't miss much as you go to Fes along the motorway. 

When is the best time to visit Fes?

Visit Fes in the spring or the fall for the best weather. 

The weather is cooler between March and May and September and November, and the holiday crowds disperse a little, making it a much more pleasant visit. 

Spring visitors can expect 66-73.4°F (19-23°C) in the daytime and lows to hit between 50°F (10°C) and 55°F (13°C).


In the fall, daytime temperatures range from 77°F (25°C) to 82.4°F (28°C), while evenings are cooler, ranging from 53°F (12°C) to 64.4°F (18°C).

How many days do you need in Fes?

To enjoy Fes to the fullest, set aside at least three or four days to complete your must-see list.

However, if you're short on time, a couple of days is enough to see the top sites before moving on to another one of Morocco's wondrous cities. 

Where to go after Fes?

After exploring the fascinating Fes, head to Meknes, an imperial 11th-century town once the country's capital.

Or explore Volubilis, a partly excavated Berber-Roman city. This epic destination is home to dozens of excavated temples and Roman relics and is one of the richest archaeological sites in Northern Africa.

Companies Operating from Casablanca to Fes

Average time

4h - 5h 30m

Average price

$13 - $14


Average time

4h - 4h 5m

Average price



Average time

3h - 3h 30m

Average price

$195 - $243


Average time

4h 30m

Average price



Average time


Average price


Popular stations and stops in Casablanca and Fes

Departure stations in Casablanca

Agence Ghazala Casablanca

Casablanca - Any hotel

Ouled Ziane Bus Station

CTM Bus Station Casablanca

Casablanca Train Station (Casa Voyageurs)

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Arrival stations in Fes

Gare Alghazala bus stop

Fes - Any hotel

Gare Routiere Boujloud

Florence Bus Station

CTM Bus Station Fes

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