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Kalaw at a glance

High Season

March - April
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Shwe Oo Min Pagoda
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Good to know
Kalaw sits in the center of Myanmar, and is surrounded by hills. This is a great place to stop at on your way to Inle Lake. From Kalaw, you can join in on many trekking tours around the surrounding nature reserves. Within some of the hills sit caves with sparkling Buddhist temples inside of them. In general, Kalaw is mostly untouched by tourism and the locals welcome travellers warmly. In Kalaw live descendants of Burmese and Indian railway workers who built for British rule. In turn, there is a vibrantly diverse gastronomy in Shalaw. Support the locals by discovering new food and groceries at the local market.

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Top reviews

No transparency on itinerary
We had to wait four hours during the cold Kalaw evening because BookAway and JJ Express did not communicate the correct arrival/departure time for the Kalaw stop :(
Great service for price
Staff were lovely We had TVs with English films on They gave us snack boxes Overall great
Good Service, Good Bus, Unreliable Times
We took the bus from Kalaw to Mandalay. The staff were very nice, the bus was comfortable with entertainment, refreshments and aircon. I will certainly continue using them in the future. The only down side is that although the booking confirmation states the journey start time and that you have to be present 30 mins before, the bus arrived an hour late. This seems common knowledge because the our hotel staff and driver from another bus advised us beforehand that our bus is likely arriving closer to midday than 11am.
We travel since 5 months in Asia and this bus was the most confortable and clean...bravo!