A beautiful view from within central Ica-mobile

How to get from
Lima to Ica

Lima to Ica Trip Overview

Distance260 km (162.5 miles)
Price range$17-$398
Ride Duration Range4h-5h
Earliest Departure09:00
Latest Departure23:00

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Travel Schedule Options from Lima to Ica

Taking a bus from Lima to Ica

Fastest bus: 4h

Cheapest bus: $22

The fastest: 4h

The cheapest: $22



English Speaking Staff

Reclining Seats






The fastest: 4h

The cheapest: $398




The fastest: 4h

The cheapest: $269




A beautiful view from within central Ica

About the ride from Lima to Ica

After getting to know Peru through the eyes of the country’s capital, it’s time to head down south and experience some amazing adventures in Ica. You’ll see desolate deserts, a stunning oasis, an amazing ocean, and the mysterious Nazca Lines! But first, you’ll need to get there…!

When traveling the 302 kilometer (186 mile) distance between Lima and Ica, you only have one transportation option available:

  • Taking a comfy bus that will take you from Lima to Ica in just 5 hours

Even though you can only make the journey on a bus, you’ll still have several different bus options to choose from – Economy, VIP, and the Reclining Seats Buses. 
All three of these are a great and comfortable choice. With each class upgrade, you’ll also get a few more amenities. No matter which one of them you choose, you’ll have a comfortable and quick transfer to the amazing Ica!


What to see when traveling from Lima to Ica

What you’ll be able to see outside of your window during your trip from Lima to Ica depends on the departure time that you choose. If you’re leaving Lima in the evening or during the night, there won’t be much to see outside.
You can still make the most of it by catching up on your sleep. All buses are equipped with comfortable reclining seats, and you can easily snuggle up. If you can’t sleep on a moving bus, you can always try to get some work done, or finish the blog post about your adventures in Lima!
If you booked a daylight departure, you’ll be able to enjoy some really amazing views outside your window. The majority of the route is lined up along the Pacific Ocean coastline. Have your camera ready, as you’ll definitely want to capture some of these moments!
Ica isn’t a large city, and if you booked accommodation in the city center, you’ll probably be within the walking distance of it. However, there’s a couple of popular spots that are a bit outside of town, such as the oasis, Huacachina. If your hotel is there, you’ll definitely need additional transportation.
Make sure to plan for this ahead of time. You can also check with your hotel, as most of them offer transfers from the bus station.


How to get from Lima to Ica

Taking a bus
The only way to get from Lima to Ica is by bus. Don’t worry, though. Buses that operate on this route are quick, convenient, and comfortable. The bus tickets usually cost between $15 and $27. The price depends on the type of bus you choose – Economy, VIP, or one of the Reclining Seat Buses (130°, 140°, and 160°)

Economy Bus
The Economy Bus is the cheapest option available on the route from Lima to Ica. The tickets start at $15. These buses are equipped with A/C, toilets on board, a shared TV, charger sockets, and 135° reclining seats.
When it comes to the length of the ride, you won’t notice a difference compared to other more expensive options. The main differences are slightly more comfortable seats and several additional amenities.
During your trip, the driver will frequently make stops for the use of amenities and a chance to stretch your legs.

A VIP bus has a few more amenities compared to the Economy Bus. The tickets are a bit more expensive, with tickets starting at $19. The journey on a VIP bus usually lasts between 4 and a half hours and 5 hours.
When it comes to the amenities, you’ll definitely feel a slight upgrade compared to the Economy Bus. In addition to A/C, toilets on board, and charger sockets, you’ll also get 140° reclining seats, a personal TV, WiFi, and some snacks and soft drinks.
During your trip, the driver will frequently make stops for the use of restrooms and a chance to stretch your legs.

130°, 140°, 160° Reclining Seats Buses
The Reclining Seats Buses are the most expensive, but also the most comfortable option available. The name of the bus suggests the type of seat that the bus has. 
These buses are quite similar to the VIP class, but the main difference is that the seats are a bit more spacious and more comfortable. It usually takes around 5 hours to arrive in Ica on a Reclining Seat Bus. However, there are a few nighttime departures that are a bit faster than that.
In this class, you’ll get all the amenities mentioned in the classes before – A/C, toilets on board, charger sockets, a personal TV screen, WiFi, some snacks, and soft drinks. The buses, of course, have reclining seats, and you’ll get a blanket, too.
During your trip, the driver will frequently make stops for the use of facilities and a chance to stretch our legs. The staff on these buses speaks English fluently, so the communication should be very smooth.

Companies Operating from Lima to Ica

Average time

4h - 5h

Average price

$17 - $22


Average time


Average price

$269 - $398

Popular stations and stops in Lima and Ica

Departure stations in Lima

Javier Prado

Lima - Any hotel

Arrival stations in Ica

Terminal Cruz del Sur, Ica

Ica - Any hotel

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