A charming view from within central Portugal

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Popular routes in Portugal

Lisbon to Porto

55mfrom $8

Porto to Lisbon

50mfrom $4

Lisbon to Madrid

1h 15mfrom $15

Madrid to Lisbon

1h 15mfrom $15

Lisbon to Vila Real

4h 15mfrom $11

Porto to Madrid

1h 10mfrom $31

Lisbon to Fatima

1h 6mfrom $5

Albufeira to Lisbon

2h 20mfrom $4

Madrid to Porto

1h 15mfrom $17

Lisbon to Lagos

3h 20mfrom $8

Lisbon to Coimbra

1h 44mfrom $4

Faro to Seville

2h 10mfrom $23

Faro to Lisbon

50mfrom $4

Seville to Albufeira

3h 15mfrom $25

Lagos to Lisbon

3h 25mfrom $8

Lisbon to Albufeira

2h 20mfrom $8

Fatima to Lisbon

1h 7mfrom $5

Faro to Lagos

1h 10mfrom $9

Arcozelo to Guarda

3h 45mfrom $20

Porto Covo to Lisbon

1h 45mfrom $197

Mirandela to Braga

3h 25mfrom $4

Leiria to Bordeaux

13h 40mfrom $45

Leiria to Porto

1h 45mfrom $4

Faro to Verona

1d 16hfrom $91

Lisbon to Peniche

1h 10mfrom $103

Tours to Castelo Branco

15h 55mfrom $74

Tavira to Milan

1d 13h 15mfrom $87

Leiria to Tomar

3h 54mfrom $19

Guimaraes to Orleans

15h 25mfrom $141

Izeda to Colombes

16h 15mfrom $138

Fatima to Albufeira

4h 15mfrom $26

Paris to Viseu

20h 20mfrom $54

Braganca to Lisbon

5h 45mfrom $8

Albufeira to Almeria

9h 45mfrom $37

Braganca to Penafiel

2h 25mfrom $4

Braga to Paris

18hfrom $70

Viseu to Fundao

1h 50mfrom $14

Rossas to Tours

11h 55mfrom $136

Madrid to Evora

6h 10mfrom $35

Esposende to Fatima

3h 5mfrom $19

Braganca to Coimbra

3h 30mfrom $8

Guarda to Portimao

7h 30mfrom $31

Carçao to Paris

14h 55mfrom $138
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